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Please connect to my main Google+ account instead of this one.

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Don't hate me. I've wanted to get something to experiment with iOS dev and also need something for tunes because my gnex battery is teh sux. Also something different keeps it interesting and this is my first iOS device. The only issue is this thing is retarded expensive!

San Francisco or Bust 

(and I'm all outta bust!) ;-)

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Inane jackassery yet somehow strangely compelling. :-P

As much as I an enthusiast for mobile technology I've maintained that people espousing the idea that the PC is dead are dead wrong.

It doesn't get the press and is as unsexy as could be, as it is a technology rooted in the days before it was hip to be square, but the venerable mainframe not only continues to chug along, but is quietly the foundational technology for many large corporations and government agencies. IBM continues a brisk business in mainframe sales and COBOL programmers command an enviable income not just maintaining but actually growing the massive base of COBOL code. And perhaps embarisingly, mainframes are still king when it comes to mission critical 24x7 reliability.

That being said PCs surely have entrenched themselves deeper and more widely than any mainframe. And the PC is dead? I don't think so. I'd dare submit that nobody reading this in 2012 will see the death of the PC (nor the mainframe for that matter).

Now the PC as a consumer product? A case can definitely be made for that market diminishing to a niche. Personally its still my favorite gaming platform and I hope that never goes away.

For business it will certainly diminish as an end user device as mobile penetrates particularly as a replacement for laptops. The larger laptops will become as quaint as those early "mobile" computers from the 80s. Where desktops have not been replaced by laptops there likely will be where PCs remain for the long term. I would include workstations, CAD/CAM, software development (although I've written more than a few lines of code on my tablet), and more. Of course servers but that doesn't need to be said.

Still mobile, combined with cloud services run on PC technology, will continue to grow as the greatest informational revolution in human history with far reaching consequences many as of yet not dreamed.

P.S. I actually was required to take COBOL in college for my MIS degree. I was probably in the last 2 or 3 classes that had to.

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Found a photo on the web of Cessna four eight three eight bravo...

A Cessna 152, I think an early 80s model.

Had my first, and many subsequent, training flights in this aircraft at zero alpha seven in the very early 1990s. If I recall correctly I had my private pilot check ride in this aircraft, if not nine six golf, another 152. My first solo was in 96G.

When I was 16 I soloed and I recall having the Indiana Jones theme music going through my head which matched the epic feeling I was having lol. Probably could have picked better theme music but it worked for me.

If anyone flies today you'll appreciate how long ago this was: I rented this aircraft for $28 an hour wet!

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3D printing has the potential to be a profoundly life altering technology ("game changer" or even "paradigm shift" could be huge understatements) as far reaching as an enabling technology for space colonization.

Imagine a colony on Mars which, with advanced 3D printing would be focused just on gathering resources. Manufactured goods would be available to them that weren't even invented when they left.

And the colonization of Mars may be closer than you think with the powerful idea that Mars colonization should be exclusively a one way trip (Google "Mars to stay" to understand why.)

This would be the grandest adventure in human history. When I was a sci-fi loving young nerdling I would have signed up without hesitation. Growing up I always felt the sense that I was born centuries before my time.

Now I probably wouldn't do it. I fell in love with Earth. But I would be the hugest admirer and supporter of those who would. :-) 

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Hello GDGers!  Don't forget tomorrow is our founding meeting!  Wednesday 7 PM at NeoNova!  See you all there! :-)

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Version 1.0.6 (A4D2)

*Fixed automatic scrolling when adding a new item near the bottom of the screen.
*When space is needed the lower screen bar goes away when editing a checklist to give you more room
*Remembers which subitem lists are expanded and collapsed.  You can turn off this behavior in settings.
*You can share a checklist (outputs anywhere that can accept a text file)
*Help screen scrolls to fit
*Stability Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Versión en español viene mañana!

-W. Anthony Tanas
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