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MAXPEDITION® gear is trusted & preferred by tactical officers, military operators & adventure travelers around the world. Proven daily since 2003.
MAXPEDITION® gear is trusted & preferred by tactical officers, military operators & adventure travelers around the world. Proven daily since 2003.


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Products from the Advanced Gear Research (AGR) line feature Skin Friendly Seatbelt Webbing for comfortable and durable use.

Shop the Valence here:

Shop the entire AGR Advanced Gear Research collection here:

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Products from the Advanced Gear Research line feature a new laser cut Attachment Lattice System (ATLAS™) invented by Maxpedition. The ATLAS is constructed from an ultra-tough 840-Denier Nylon-TPU composite and is compatible with all legacy MOLLE pouches.

“For the Advanced Gear Research line, Maxpedition invented ATLAS™ (pronounced "Atlas") our proprietary Patent Pending MOLLE-compatible attachment surface. ATLAS is an acronym for Attachment Lattice System. It is formed by laser cutting an array of precisely spaced smaller slots and larger voids from solid panels of ultra-tough composite material in configurations that allow full compatibility with all legacy MOLLE pouches. Panels of ATLAS are perimeter stitched and/or inlaid into the body of bags. Interstitial stitching between channels as well as round bartacks between each pair of facing voids provide the necessary reinforcements to support modular pouches. Ultra-tough composite is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and 840-denier nylon fabric that have been combined chemically and physically thus becoming a distinctly new material which is resistant to water, weather, heat, cold, UV and abrasion. High performance ATLAS is much, much more expensive to produce than conventional MOLLE webbing. Maxpedition's Attachment Lattice System is U.S. and International design and utility patents pending.” -Tim Tang, President and Founder of Maxpedition

Shop the AGR Advanced Gear Research line:

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The Ironcloud™ chilling in Iceland!
How cool is this picture? We love seeing your AGR and Legacy Maxpedition In Action photos! Please send your photos with Maxpedition gear to to be featured at MIA: Maxpedition In Action Fan Gallery. Thank you.

Shop the Ironcloud:

Check out the Maxpedition In Action Fan Gallery here:

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New products from the Maxpedition Advanced Gear Research line are constructed using two (2) main coated nylon fabrics, 500D Hex Ripstop and 1000D Plainweave, for optimum durability, weight and visual appeal.

"Maxpedition Advanced Gear Research products utilize two main body fabrics. The first is 1000-Denier Plainweave nylon fabric with triple polyurethane coating and Teflon® fabric protector; it is a proven material that we've used successfully since 2003. For AGR, we added a custom 500-Denier Ripstop in a regular Hexagon pattern that we developed from the ground up with our fabric mill. This new fabric is very strong yet lightweight and receives the same PU and Teflon® coating as our 1000D. Each material is strategically applied to specific panels of each bag to create the optimal strength and weight balance while creating a visually interesting breakup of textures." - Tim Tang, President of Maxpedition

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The SOP™ Side Opening Pouch has a dust cover, and dual zipper main compartment opening equipped with zipper garages.

Purchase the SOP Side Opening Pouch here:

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Learn more about the RFY™ Rain Cover.

Watch the video below and shop the RFY here:

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Joe Blow has his Spring adventure pack ready!

This Spring, Joe plans to enjoy the sunshine, so he will be needing to keep hydrated and organized while on his daily commute to work and on his weekend hikes.

He chose The LITHVORE Backpack as his monthly mention because it is equipped with two (2) Expandable Bottle Holders, which give Joe the hydration he needs. The LITHVORE also has padded shoulder straps which keep him comfortable while he is running around the town. The front admin pocket, keeps all his work essentials in order which makes it quick for him to jot down ideas while on the train. The bottom shock cord retention array makes it easy for him to stash a light jacket in case the weather cools down.

Shop Joe's Monthly Mention here:

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Meet the DES™ Double Sheath Pouch.

The DES has a unique design that allows you to pull out the contents with one tug of the webbing tab.

View the video below and shop the DES Double Sheath Pouch here:

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Maxpedition introduced three (3) new AGR Advanced Gear Research wallets this Spring, the TFW™ Tri-Fold Wallet, BFW™ Bi-Fold Wallet, and LPW™ Low Profile Wallet.

Shop you favorite wallet below.

TFW Tri-Fold Wallet:

BFW Bi-Fold Wallet:

LPW Low Profile Wallet:

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Don't let rain stop you!

Meet the RFY™ Rain Cover, perfect for keeping your pack dry on rainy days.

The RFY is made from 420D nylon fabric, it has an elastic edging to keep the cover secure on the pack. The cover fits a wide range of backpack shapes and sizes including the Tiburon™, Riftcore™, Gridflux™, Ironcloud™, Lithvore™, and Skyvale™.

Shop the items mentioned below.

RFY Rain Cover:

Tiburon Backpack:

Riftcore Backpack:

Gridflux Sling Pack:

Ironcloud Adventure Bag:

Lithvore Backpack:

Skyvale Messenger Bag:
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