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What a great meeting tonight!!! Had a blast showing off our "Super Mom" skills with this hilarious relay game:)

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Scan results
So we got good news from
D's scan....there are no new tumors and the tumors are "stable or decreased in size" which is also fabulous news! So we are waiting to hear from the surgeon after he has time to closely review them and make our official surgical pla...

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Update as of 9/29/14
Good Morning All!
I just wanted to write a quick update on D. She recovered quickly from her last round of chemo. We didn't even need to go to Madison for a blood or platelet transfusion this time! So we have actually had 2 and a half weeks at home with no ...

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Moppets Registration for Oct 2nd meeting
If you need childcare through our MOPPETS program for the Oct. 2nd meeting to email Eileen Becker at We still have 4 spots still open.

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Our Caring Bridge post from July 28th, 2014: We were supposed to be going to Madison on Wednesday for her scan and round 4 of chemo.

But they couldn't get her scan scheduled on Wednesday.

So we'll be spending my birthday weekend at the hospital. Maybe...

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Slight Change of Plans
I know some of you only follow this story through the blog, not the caring bridge site, so I thought I would post our most recent "new" plan. Here is my Caring Bridge post from July 17th, 2014. I met with D's oncologist today. They had their tumor board yes...

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Delainey Update
Hi all, I just realized how long it has been since we posted something on here. I guess no news is good news, right? Except, now I have news. Last week we found out Delainey's cancer is back. It is back in her upper arm and in her lungs. We begin chemo trea...

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Kickoff Success!!
Our kickoff was a success!! We had over 60 people that were able to make it. It was a beautiful night and fun was had by all!! We cannot wai...
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