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I have a suggestion regarding rewards from epics. The concept of the table that kills a table-floating villian (like in season 4 for tier 2) getting an additional boon should be reconsidered. If damage continues from table to table, and the last table gets a near-death opponent and fells it - that is more luck than anything whereas the tables that expend a ton of resources and do most of the damage lose resources without the reward. Please give it some thought on future epics.

DM Quest question. The Dedicated DM award allows you to claim an item from a DDEX or DDAL adventure you've run but not hardbacks or epics. Death House appears in a hardback but was modified to be an AL adventure as well. Unlike the adventures that did levels 1-4 in the hardbacks as the intro to the hardback, Death House isn't numbered. Would it count as eligible for the Dedicated DM items?

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