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Nathaniel Eliot
For now, check
For now, check


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Actual client conversation: "I knew there was a pithier version of that." "That's me: full of pith and vinegar."

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On the difference between power over self and power over others, and how the best thing to do when going through modern nihilistic hell is to keep going:

First three things my kid made with the brown PlayDoh she got for Halloween: candy bar, brown ghost, poop emoji. That's my girl.

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Greenfield Guild will be in SF Thu and Fri for the conference. If you're in the area, we should meet up: message me!

I'm going to be stepping away from social media for a while, to focus more on business development. DM or email to get in contact with me.

Fuck. I think I just broke my little toe, two days before I'm due to run away from zombies in the woods. #DRHardMode engaged, I guess.

The world isn't getting dramatically worse; the reporting tools are getting dramatically better. That's a good first step toward solutions.

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Planning business on Coming Out Day:

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Treating intelligence as a means to an end, instead of a source of joy, has made AI needlessly terrifying.
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