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Tim Baynes
Pitch Doctor, Training Guy, Painter and Printmaker
Pitch Doctor, Training Guy, Painter and Printmaker

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Sand in the sandwiches
Discovered this delightful photograph and was compelled to turn it into a painting. At the same time thinking of Betjeman's poem. Trebetherick We used to picnic where the thrift Grew deep and tufted to the edge; We saw the yellow foam flakes drift In trembl...

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Nothing like a bit of tonking Several people commented on my new FB header picture - it was a curious outcome of tonking my oil painting of Venice, which was too over painted  So I 'tonked' it The technique of tonking a painting is quite simple,  Identify t...

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Elbe - Rain before 7 fine before 11
So everyone was looking disconsolately at his phone over
breakfast.   It was not actually raining
although every weather app said it should be.   However ‘rain before 7 fine before 11’ my grand mother used to say. The boys headed out of Havelberg I was not ...

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Elbe oh! A treat in Tangamunde
With a relatively short peddle to Havelberg and it being a
lovely morning we each wandered round Tangemunde . At any moment in my
wandering I was expecting to see members of the Von Trapp family walking down
the street. At 11 am St Stephen’s church threw op...

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Down the Elbe with Mrs Merkel's favourite soup
Wednesday, it was a bright
day with a chilly east wind. Off they headed having agreed a meeting place for
lunch!  Again I found myself parallel to the river and before the lunch rendezvous.
I   reached a small village Loitsche about
20 km north of Magdeburg...

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Oh Sweet Pea Come on and dance with me
Three years back I was, apparently, rhapsodising over Sian’s
sweet peas Link Well we have now had the first of this year’s crop     Wonderful! Oh Sweet Pea Come on and dance with me Come on come on come on and dance with me Oh Sweet Pea Come on and be my gi...

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Down the Elbe - Bauhaus and Barby
I met the boys for morning coffee in Worlitz another tiny
town. Afterwards off they went and I wandered into the yard
of a deserted factory. This part of Germany is the land of glorious
dereliction, charming ruins everywhere. I began to draw this place and

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Down the River Elbe - a knock on the table
We sat outside the ice cream cafe in the warm sun. Sunday afternoon, we were in Wittenberg, birthplace of
Martin Luther’s teachings 1617. The bikes were checked and ready. I entered a bar for a coffee.  It was a dark place with walls covered with displays o...

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Down the Elbe - into Madeberg
A shorter cycling day and the boys headed off in
sunshine. I walked around Barby. All very quiet, people had gone to work, school. A dog’s bark or the wine of a mobility scooter
occasionally punctuated the silence. A made a drawing, went to the ATM and

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Crossing the equator
The artist Zoe Leonard was born in 1961 in Liberty, New York. She
lives and works in the city. I came across one of her pieces, ‘Crossing the equator’ in Art Review
recently. It was part of a show called In the Wake at Hauser & Wirth New York, which ran fro...
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