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FRIDAY'S TOP of +Photo Mania USA
Photographer: +Kevin Schaffer
Selected by +Igor Schevchenko
Since I'm sharing photos from Arches National Park this week, I may as well post one of an actual arch. :)

This is Broken Arch, one of my favorite subjects in the park. I've shot this arch on several occasions, always around sunrise. This past weekend I shot Broken Arch at sunset, catching the day's last rays as they kissed the arch goodnight...
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FRIDAY'S TOP of +Photo Mania Germany
Photographer: +Marc Krug
Selected by +Igor Schevchenko
Schönes Wochenende euch allen.
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Wednesday’s TOP of +Photo Mania USA 
Photographer: +Tim Lyden 
Selected by +Sebastian T.
Changing Sides---
This bull elk is illuminated in the early morning side-lighting as it crosses the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park to check on his harem.

 #BTPAnimalPRO+BTP Animal Pro . owned by +Nancy Dempsey , curated by +Annette Junge Daugaard   +HQSP Animals  curated by +Andy Smith +Nicol Eh and +Shannon Adelson #hqspanimals #nature #naturephotography #wildlife #wildlifephotography  #wildlifephotos #wildlifewednesday #wildlifephotographers  #naturephotos #naturelovers #animalphotography
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Wednesday’s TOP of +Photo Mania Germany 
Photographer: +Markus Schröder 
Selected by +Sebastian T.
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+Photo Mania Global​ vielen Dank... :)
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FRIDAY'S TOP of +Photo Mania Scandinavia
Photographer: +Morten Ross
Selected by +Igor Schevchenko
Singing in the red

Red fody (Foudia madagascariensis), Bird Island, Seychelles

This intensely red bird species is very common on many of the Seychelles islands, and here on Bird Island I was enjoying a group of them roosting in a bush right outside my room.

Every evening, in good time before sunset, they would come one by one and start preening or simply communicating amongst themselves.

As the night turned to dusk the next morning I would see the red dots in the bush, first as silent color-balls, but as the light progressed towards sunrise they would start to sing and move around and begin their daily routines.

Bird Island is an amazing place to be, and although this species is silent at night, there are many other species that never go silent! Sleeping here is like being in the middle of a bird colony – an amazing place to be.

Here you can listen to the bird:

Image Copyright © 2016 +Morten Ross

#PhotoManiaScandinavia +Photo Mania Scandinavia curated by +Walli Werner +Ronny Årbekk +Robert Walter +Jakob Schüssler +Sebastian T. +Chandro Ji

#hqspbirds +HQSP Birds
#birdsgallery +Birds GALLERY #birdloversworldwide
#BTPBirdPro+BTP Bird Pro , owned by +Nancy Dempsey , curated by +Lynn Wiezycki
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FRIDAY'S TOP of +Foto Mania Italia
Photographer: +Davide Lanzoni
Selected by +Igor Schevchenko
In the Valleys
Il Lavoriero
"...The lavoriero is a very ancient tool, but still efficient and fundamental for the valley fishing, which allows to capture the eels separately from grey mullets and other fishes, during their migrations at sea, stimulated by the reproductive instinct.
It's an handmade article formed by a series of communicating basins, to arrow tip form: a time was entirely built in grisole (swampy cane strips bound by paviera) and poles, while today is in cement and metallic grills..."
#comacchio #nature #tourism #valley #deltadelpo #emiliaromagna #hdrphotography #photomatix

#fotografía #Photography #NaturePhotography #canon #landscapephotography #canonphotographers #eos #eos600d #canonphotography
#photographersongoogle #photographersongoogleplus #copyright #googleplusphotos #googleplus #YouPic #photography #italia #italy #copyrightlaw #googlephotos #localguides #googlemaps #5OOpx #ThatsAPlus
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+Photo Mania Global +Igor Schevchenko ; thank you very much !
Have a great weekend
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FRIDAY'S TOP of +Photo Mania Canada
Photographer: +Don Komarechka
Selected by +Igor Schevchenko
Blooming Ice
Freezing bubbles in the winter cold is magical, but what happens when you place a swirling freezing orb of ice on a flower? Magic. View large!

This freezing bubble is delicately placed in the center of a Gerbera Daisy, something definitely out of place in the winter landscape but also something that adds a lot of life to the image. Initial experiments were with roses, but they didn’t look quite as good. It’s a concept I’ll revisit, but for now the daisy wins as most successful experiment. The radial petals also allows me to carefully place one petal below the main arrangement to fill in the gap between the other petals and the snow.

At first, the bubble wouldn’t freeze. The flower has too much radiant heat from being inside that I couldn’t get anything like this to show up. After leaving the flower outside for about 15 minutes, the bubbles began to behave properly. After about an hour or so in the cold, the flower was beginning to wilt and fade, so there is a window of time you need to work in. Roses tend to last much longer, which gives me even more ideas to explore there.

The image is lit with two flashlights. One light is very directional and aimed at a distance to beam through the bubble, which creates a very pleasing backlit glowing feel. A second flashlight of equal brightness was placed close by, illuminating the underside of the flower which in turn reflected light back down onto the snow. A solid 20-30 minutes was spent using flashes, continuous flashlights, combinations of both, and in all different positions to get the lighting feel you see here. I would let one bubble freeze solid as a “prop” for me to preview my lighting arrangement, and then blow a fresh bubble when everything was in place.

In the end, we have a flower emerging from the snow to give birth to hundreds of snowflake-like specks of frost on a winter night. It’s not how real snowflakes are born, but it’s a fun way to imagine it.

If you enjoy my winter macro photography, you’ll love my book Sky Crystals: - it details everything you could ever want to know about snowflakes and extreme macro photography related to photographing them. While it’s focused on the skyborne crystals and not the ones we make here on earth, it’s still a great read for anyone with a macro lens in the winter!
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Thank you very much +Photo Mania Global 
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Wednesday’s TOP of +Photo Mania Canada 
Photographer: +Rick Burgos 
Selected by +Sebastian T.
Photo Mania Canada's profile photoRick Burgos's profile photo
Thanks again! +Photo Mania Canada +Photo Mania Global Sebastian T
Have a good day. :)
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