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This is not my main Google Plus account, and I don't respond here.
This is not my main Google Plus account, and I don't respond here.

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Fake Facebook Friends and the CIA
Last night I received a Facebook friend request from an old friend and accepted it.  Within a minute or two, a FB Messenger chat started up about the UN and the Sustainable Development Goals.  So, I of course kept the conversation going.  Until it quickly b...

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Silicon Valley’s Developing Conscience: It’s Called Apple
Silicon Valley has a problem. In our quest to build better products and better meet the needs of the world for information, we built the most amazing system for effortless government surveillance as a byproduct. It is now incumbent on Silicon Valley to reme...

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Commercial Availability: The Poison Pill for Marrakesh Treaty Implementation
If you can buy a book, you can’t borrow it.  That’s the lobbying position of some companies in the intellectual property field when implementing the new Marrakesh Copyright Treaty. Marrakesh is intended to end the book famine for people who can’t read regul...

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Benetech: the Equilibrium Change Machine
I just read the new book from Sally Osberg, President and CEO of the Skoll Foundation, and strategy guru Roger Martin, Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works. Even though I’m a Skoll Award winner, it really made me think about my organizat...

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Why Your Country Should Ratify the Marrakesh Treaty
Access to information and knowledge is
a basic human right and a necessary first step towards personal, economic, and social development. Yet around the world, over 100 million individuals are denied this basic right. They include people who are blind, visu...

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Mr. Jim Goes to Washington (and New York, and Nairobi, and Seoul, and Kampala, and Boston…)
Like many other leaders of nonprofit organizations, I travel an unreasonable fraction of the time. I recently hit three million lifetime miles on American Airlines. Not sure whether to celebrate or mourn this milestone. Why do I do it? Why do my peers do it...

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Rockstar Nairobi Social Entrepreneur
Carol Wanjiku is the CEO of Daproim . She’s an incredible social entrepreneur I just visited with in Nairobi, Kenya. She runs a for-profit social enterprise named Daproim that provides data entry services using disadvantaged students as their primary workfo...

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Open Source Means Strong Security
“Your secure software is open source: doesn’t that make it less secure?” This is a recurring question that we get at Benetech about Martus —our free, strongly encrypted tool for secure collection and management of sensitive information, built and provided b...

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Optimistic about Marrakesh Treaty!
The World Blind Union’s ( WBU ) Right to Read campaign for ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty just concluded two days of meetings in Berlin, Germany. The attendees were mostly the regional coordinators of the campaign, and the news was good. I found the o...

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Skoll World Forum: My Annual Heart-Mind Feast
My favorite conference of the year is the Skoll World Forum in Oxford. That’s still the case even after attending the Forum for eleven straight years as of last week! Why, after all these years, do I love going back? First and foremost, it’s the people. Thi...
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