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The best way to honor Steve Jobs? Think different.

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This is pretty sad. I hope the chart in this article is being posted at Google HQ and shown in meetings there this week.

In the next 45 days I'm speaking at Interactive@Taiwan in Taipei on Creative Technology, AMA in San Diego on Innovative Tech in Marketing, BDI in NYC on the Future of Communication, and on an Appnation panel in Atlanta on the Rise of the Creative Technologist. Oh, and I still have my day job and a family. Crazy. But will be a heckuva ride.

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Facebook tracking you even after you log out? Would not surprise me at all.

Thanks to Facebook's new Tracker feature I can tell in real-time which of my friends don't actually do any real work all day long.

The more Facebook "improves" the more I like the simplicity of Twitter. Is G+ possibly the happy middle ground?

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Google- How could you not hire this guy? Nicely done, Matt Epstein, a great former D6 intern and employee.

I'm trying to be more meta.

Finally have the G+ iPhone app. Will see how it goes, but at least they have one which changes how useful G+ is to me pretty significantly.
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