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For those of you who don’t know her, Natsuki Doll has quite a large following on the internet (over 3500 fans on her facebook fanpage) and has a legion of fans especially from Asia and Europe. I have been in contact with her for a while now and we’ve discussed a few different ideas but due to scheduling conflicts was never able to agree on a concept and time until now....
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awww...diría muchas palabras y todas serían contradictorias...
así que solo dejo dos...
bello dolor..
A great series. I especially like the shot on the stairway, and the second one with the rose (between the burnt supports).
really great work +Ontoshiki Vun i absolutely love the obscure grittiness of the location in contrast with her white delicate dress...
What a beautiful timeless image!! Very evocative & has a cinematic quality to it :) Thank you Ontoshiki :)
Jus Vun
+Lawrence del Mundo +Mihailo Radičević +Sumit Sen +Kayıhan Unal +Chuck Jackson +Zsolt Scheffer thanks always!
+cesar lopez seoane "beautiful pain" i like it! thanks for your words!
+Tessie L'Amour thanks for your input i think those ones with framing really set the focus on the character. appreciate it!
+kora foto morgana im so glad to find the location . i will certainly use more abandoned places for my future shoots
+Ken Tam i agree! i think it would've worked out great in a yin and yang composition! thanks for your input and anything constructive is appreciate especially from someone with you credentials.
+Zsolt Scheffer that piano was so dusty. we ate a lot of dust that day lol
+Mary Gotsi thank u mary! one of the most fun shoots I've had so far!
Fantastic +Ontoshiki Vun! I love these bleak colors and I really hope to see more in the coming days!
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