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HI all,


a big chunk of these photographers were curated by +Roy Ross . Thanks buddy. I thought I'd share these people to my circles. Im a little weary as I know I must've missed out on a lot of people out there. If so, let me know so I can include you in the next post. Oh yeah, dont forget to add +Roy Ross himself!

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Ontoshiki , Photographer based in Tokyo, Japan
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for some reason i am unable to create the circle, is it just me???
Ontoshiki Thanks for the credit.
To all viewing, don't forget to add me!!!!!!
+Resident Kennedy it may be just you. Click view people in circle, at the top, name your circle, and the bottom, create your circle.
Nup, I have added/created circles before, but every time i try to create a circle for this one i get a red banner at bottom which says "Error creating Circle" ... Strange! ( i renamed and did all kinds of things but to no avail) Thx Roy btw
Jus Vun
+Resident Kennedy Not sure mate. It might just be a temporary bug on G+ i suppose you could always try the old reboot ;) hope u work it out
+Roy Ross Yes dont forget to add Roy!! ;) I added u to the circle im pretty sure
+Rafael Rodriguez No worries mate. I hope you can find some inspiration there!
nope, not there :(
you may need to fix that and reshare! :) :) :)
Well i just added Roy, no problem there, i created Street and Documentary Photographers circle (in circles tab) then i can add individuals from your circle but cannot group a selection and add to my newly created circle, strange, will reboot later and let you know the outcome, cheers
I forgot one. He was in a different folder and has been for a very long time. +David La Spina , a japan based shooter.
Thanks +Ontoshiki Vun ! I dabble but certainly am a documentary photographer, currently working on my project "Fucking Druggie". If you see fit to include me, that would be great. Have a good one!
Hey guys, it finally worked, i think it was a Google thing?? Thanks for the circle share!!!!
Jus Vun
+Edmund X White done. and u guys can also have a look at the gcounter group for street photographers
+Ontoshiki Vun Would love to be considered for addition to your circle. I've been doing landscape lately, but do some street also. In my profile albums, check out the "16th Street" album for some examples of my street work.

Thanks for your consideration - Stan
+Mike Dean took note. saw your posts. we won't know if you don't tell us! now we know! Thanks!
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