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Within two weeks: 1. fiance's wedding ring was shipped priority with signature required. Reported as delivered to a place that doesn't exist. Had pdf confirmation of signature sent to my email and there was a scribble (not a signature) under signature and address. Emailed, heard nothing; called, confirmed they could do nothing since there was an "open case". Ring was jammed into my apartment mailbox (still no signature) three days later. No case resolution; when I went back online to find out what happened, can't access the case because they can't confirm who I am. The guy frigging faked a signature. What on earth? 2. Ordered kitchen part from Amazon prime. Reported delivered to the apartment front office Sunday (?) at 2 pm. Nice of them to be specific when they're lying. No package; no notice of package. Email about new case unanswered; phone won't connect through about case. I'm out 80 bucks; hopefully amazon will replace it since it's supposedly reported as not only delivered, but delivered to the front office. These guys are frigging criminals. Use UPS or FedEx if you don't want them forging your signature and stealing your belongings.
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This is actually a critique of the overall system in general here. So... a year and a half ago, my house and car were burned down with minimal involvement by the state in doing anything about it. I continue getting vehicle fee notices on the engulfed car despite telling them that... you know, it exploded. I have a new car, I pay the license fees, get my replacement sticker, but lo and behold, here is *another* threatening notice that states I need to surrender my current plate and registration if I don't pay them an unspecified amount of money. Despite already paying. So I attempt to go on their website to resolve matters. The whole thing is down. I'm a resident; so I can't just loiter around their offices during work hours in the hopes they'll figure out what's happening and how to fix it. So yeah, pretty much just overall condemning the entire way the system is set up. Fix your freaking website.
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