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White Sugar, Brown Sugar by: Rachel Garlinghouse
I write about adoption, health, and faith
I write about adoption, health, and faith

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Dear Sugar: On Not Dictating Your Child's Emotional Response to Adoption
Ever since I started school, I wanted to be athletic.   But it just wasn’t in me.   In third grade, when it was my turn to kick during a PE
kickball game, I missed.  Every.  Single. 
Time.   And in fifth grade
dodge-ball, I was the tall, skinny girl who cou...

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Dear Sugar: 5 Practical Tips to Get Out of Your Winter Funk
Dear Sugar, I live in the Midwest where we have extremely hot summers and dreary winters.   These "dead" seasons can be really hard on a woman, whether she's a mom or a hopeful mom.    Right now, it's post-holidays (no more cheery Christmas music, twinkling...

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Dear Sugar: On Humbleness in Adoption
Dear Sugar: Tell me I'm not the only one who does this... I go to the grocery store armed with my coupons, reusable bags, and a long list.  I'm usually accompanied by at least one of my four children.  I get all the groceries, filling the cart.  Then I zig-...

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Dear Sugar: Valentine Gift Ideas for Young-ish Black Children
It's almost Valentine's Day, Sugar!   If you've been here awhile, you know I LOVE holidays.   I have decor, I have food, and I always have little gifts for the kids.    It's so fun to celebrate in big and small ways! Here are my suggestions for Valentine's ...

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Dear Sugar: Favorite Picture Books Starring Black Girls
Dear Sugar: I LIKE BIG BOOKS AND I CANNOT LIE. I'm a former college writing teacher, I've written five books and hundreds of articles, and I just love walking into a Barnes and Noble (scones and book pages---wafting together---bliss!). I know you have some ...

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Dear Sugar: 10 Reasons to see Hidden Figures With Your Daughter + Resources for Further Learning
Dear Sugar, Last weekend, my eight-year-old daughter and I put on all our favorite star-gear and headed to see Hidden Figures with friends. This movie is EVERYTHING.   We laughed, we teared up, we reflected, we smiled. The absolute best part?   It opened do...

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Dear Sugar: Your Child's Story Isn't Yours to Showcase
Dear Sugar, Recently a reader of mine submitted a new burning adoption question regarding privacy.   Why do I keep my children's names, faces, and stories private?    In a time when ever'body knows ever'body else's business and divulging increases the popul...

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Dear Sugar: Burning Open Adoption Questions
Hi, Sugar! Today I'm sending you over to my YouTube channel to learn more about open adoption, and as promised, here are the resources I recommended in the video.  Click on the image to learn more. Take the Love Language online quiz here . Hit up the author...

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Dear Sugar: How to Make the New Year Happy (No Pie Crust Promises)
Hi, Sugar:   I think we're all relieved that 2016 is over.   Turning the page to 2017 felt really good.    In transparency, 2016 was on the hardest years for me for several reasons.   Our greatest joy was adopting our beautiful little girl , but every adopt...

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Dear Sugar: Talking to Children About the "Birds and the Bees"
Hey, Sugar! I know one thing many parents (whether they adopted or not) struggle with is talking to their children about "the birds and the bees."   Why?  Maybe we feel it's someone else's job.  Or we didn't have the best sex education.  Or we're uncertain....
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