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White Sugar, Brown Sugar by: Rachel Garlinghouse
I write about adoption, health, and faith
I write about adoption, health, and faith


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5 Hair Products This Multiracial Family Can't Live Without, and How We Choose What We Buy
Hair.  It's a BIG topic in the transracial adoption community.  And for good reason. Trying to find the perfect hair products is overwhelming and expensive.  Not to mention, confusing! And for a family likes ours where we have four kids (and four different ...

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5 Simple Guidelines for a Successful Open Adoption
Let me start by saying, there is nothing "simple" about open adoption.  I've said time and time (and time and time) again that open adoptions take A LOT of work.  Like any adoption, open adoptions are complex and bittersweet.   But there are ways you can wo...

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Celebrating National Poetry Month with Morgan Harper Nichols
I'm a bit excited about National Poetry Month.  After all, I authored a book with my daughters that's written in poems (along with some gorgeous illustrations from Sharee Miller). And when I first read Morgan's poetry , I fell head-over-heels.   (And by t...

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When Adopting Feels Like a Sick, Practical Joke
I walked through the store, quickly and purposefully, certain that at any moment, I would be discovered as a fraud.   I headed straight to the back of the store where the baby clothing was.   And I looked.  I told myself, I'm looking as a mom, not as a hope...

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5 Things I Used to Believe About Adoption That Weren't True
Over a decade ago, we went from a married couple to a married couple waiting to adopt a baby .  (We were babies ourselves...holy moly!) Whoa.   Choosing to adopt was a big step, but it was also one we were head-over-heels for.  We couldn't wait to be parent...

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Post Adoption Depression: I've Adopted a Baby, So Why Am I So Sad?
Post Adoption Depression. It's one of the topics rarely discussed in the adoption community, yet it is more common than you might think.   Why the silence?  The expectation that new parents and those congratulating new parents holds is this:  that the paren...

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Why Adoption Fees Should Not Be Based on the Child's Race
This week, a reader asked me to address this issue:  Is it OK for adoption agencies to charge fees based on the race of the child?    Short answer:  no.   Long answer.  Here it goes.   1:  An adoption journey should cost what an adoption journey costs. If a...

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Multiracial, Multicultural Family Life: A Conversation with Diedre Anthony
"Are they all yours?" asked the stranger standing behind me in the checkout line.  She gestured toward the four children with me:  two arguing, one attempting to smell all the gum packets, and the other squealing loudly (just for the fun of it). I wanted to...

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Dear Church: 6 Things You Need to Know When an Adoptive or Foster Family Visits
Dear Church: My name is Rachel.  When my family walks through the doors of your facility, you will probably notice us.  Not probably.  Correction.  You will definitely notice us.  That's OK.   Two white parents and four Black kids:  we stand out.  We're use...

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What's the Deal With Essential Oils? A Conversation With Meghan Joy Yancy
I'm going to be totally honest with you (always).   I am like SO not cool.  Not on-trend.   With anything:  health, music, television shows, books, fashion.   But after learning I had breast cancer (disease #2, since the #1 spot was taken by type 1 diabetes...
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