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This made me laugh out loud. It's pretty typical for Japanese products to make, um, creative use of English, but this one is over the top.
Fukushima Industries unveils new mascot with an unfortunate name

Meet the newest mascot at Fukushima Industries. This cute, winged egg is the perfect face for a company that manufactures the kind of industrial refrigerators, blast chillers, freezers and refrigerated showcases that you might find in a restaurant or a supermarket.

The name they chose for this little egghead, though, probably needed a bit more work…

(via JapanToday) 

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There's never been a shortage of tech workers. There's just a shortage of experienced tech workers who will work for the same exploitative wages that tech companies can pay H-1B visa employees.

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Attention History buffs!

Did you know where your city had defences?  I pride myself in an awesome city of Louisville, Kentucky, home of bourbon, horses and fine women.  We've a great history too, one where you can see it at our photo archives housed at University of Louisville, peruse through pages at the library and archives at The Filson Club.  Among historians, I am a neophyte, and yet, I can't seem to get enough.

One of the things I like about playing Ingress is that it's had me see my city differently.  I look at where I am, and talk to those I meet.  This morning, one of the groundskeepers at St. Louis Cemetery shared how before it had been a cemetery, St. Louis was the site of "Fort Hill."  Intrigued, I wanted to know more.  

Fort Hill was constructed of stone and timber as defences during the Civil War.  This map is from 1864.  Its stone walls still wall the cemetery.  It was located about 8 km (5 miles) from the then city.  Fort Hill, and others like it, was designed for heavy artillery fire, and would have housed about 50 artillerists and 200 infantrymen, with four to six cannon.  Although located on a hill, in an area called the Highlands, it was named for George W. Hill, a captain in the 12th Kentucky Infantry who died in Atlanta, Georgia in August 1864.

There are plenty of portals there, marking the gravesites of those who beg us #RememberMe  ... and I can't help but think of the soldiers who lived there before it became the final resting place it is today.  

+Ingress ... the world about you is not as it seems.

+Joe Philley and JZP - servicemen of centuries past have stories to tell.

+JJ Haws +Matthew Tallant I thought of you when I saw this too.

+Brandon Badger You recently posted the query as to how our lives had changed.  _This_ is just one more reason why I love Ingress.

Please share your stories of what you've learned about your community.  E-Agent #Daphnesq  

+Kelly Kolton +Linda Besh +Ian Quartana +Joshua Reiniger +Vitaly Kabernik +Rai Molki +Megan Perry +Melissa W. +Daphne D.,-85.724578&z=16

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The trials and tribulations of a storage administrator.

It's 69 degrees on a late July afternoon. Go home weather, you're drunk. 

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Tell me something I don't know...

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Overwhelming consensus

A new study looked at 12,000 climate science papers. Of those papers taking a stance on the cause, more than 97% agree the cause is humans.

Overheard at #EMCWorld "Moving gigabytes is easy. Moving terabytes is work. Moving petabytes is insane."

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Two signs at the Louisville airport that it's the day after the Kentucky Derby.

1) The security checkpoint is clogged with hat boxes.
2) The taxi ways are covered by private jets parked wingtip-to-wingtip.

Watching a Noh theatre performance on campus. Last time I saw one was nearly 20 years ago in Osaka. 
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