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I am totally creeped out by how much Dart i'm typing without knowing what i'm doing.

I'm doing Java, i'm doing C#, i'm doing stuff and I've not read any tutorials.

I look at lots of pictures; I have lots of pictures.  I needed a simple but  useful project with which to try Dart out.

I decided to take the Dart vm and use it to build JSON objects containing the files and directories in the current path.  I intend to pass them to an android app and a Dart webpage.  All Dart to start with.

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This sounds like a fun challenge.

As a man who mostly eats cheese on toast and drinks tea, I think I could manage it.

I've been wating some time on +Talend today.  It's an eclipse based program for database tomfoolery.

It's been a waste of time as it's not too useful for people who only use MS SQL Server.

It's got two database drivers for SQL Server, one using odbc and one using the sql server drivers.  One driver will work with usernames and passwords but not trusted connections, and the other uses odbc.  I've got one server with a trusted connection and one without.  Annoying, but not a problem if they work well and work together.  They don't.

The first time I used it, to perform an operation copying one table schema in to another database, I was told that Bit fields shouldn't have a length passed with them.  Great.  I'm not in control of the command that passes the length and clearing the length field didn't help.

Not a good start.

So I change my bit fields to Integers, just to try to use it and hit another wall.  It needs my schemas to do anything.  Luckily it has this awesome feature for importing them, on one of the drivers.  The ODBC driver never takes pulls any schemas back.  No schemas, no fancy drag and drop job designer.  One big step forward, two bigger steps backwards.

So I fudge it, I flip it to the sql driver onthe on the source sever, import the table schema switch it back to odbc with the destination driver.  I run it, but get a Unsupported Feature error.

If it didn't work nicely, it wasn't going to work fudged.

On the whole, I give it 3/10.  It looked mega powerful and was pretty fun to use but EVERY operation, from right clikcing, to just clicking a button came with HUGE slow down.  It literally just hung there when ever I did anything.  it took minutes to load up, and about 15 mins to install.  I figure that this si the curse of eclipse.

So, it's got more power than a tractor, but it's just as slow and it didn't do the basics.

I sure wish my business used Mysql, I bet it would have worked nicely, if not slowly.

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is a pizza topped with mini-Kievs sliced in half.


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It is my firm belief that HTC will become a smaller and smaller part of the mobile ecosystem until they are swollowed up for their brands, patents and remaining customer base.

This saddens me.  Out of my last 7 devices, 6 were either made by or branded HTC and 2 of those were winmob devices.

I find their products to be competitive on feature and market leaders on price.   I still see their products in the real world but not so frequently anymore.  I managed to buy a One X on a 2 year contract for close to the price of the unsubsidized unit.

I will try to stay with HTC, their attitudes to modding are a breath of fresh air.  To my knowledge Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony do nothing to assist in unlocking the boot-loader.

I don't think HTC can design their way out of this.

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I watched all of this.

I do not know why; I make spreadsheets.

B Series Articulated Trucks Principles Of Operation

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Officially the best joke ever written.

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I've never heard this in an 80's compilation before.  It's awesome.

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