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+1 for govt. intervention: "artist" stopped from strangling puppies on stage:
A German artist who planned to strangle two puppies to death on stage in a Berlin theatre has been told that highlighting the plight of sled dogs in Alaska is not a good enough reason to kill the dogs...
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Wtf...? These people don't understand that regardless of their lofty purpose, they will have to live with the fact that they strangled puppies and beheaded sheep. Would these people kill 2 children to save a dozen? Sometimes there is no difference between a few and many.
There is a popular story about a group of people who cut the rope and saved a man from committing suicide by hanging,and, in their anger on the mans' unwanted behavior, beat him to death and hanged him on a lamppost to tell others the lesson that hereafter, dont try to commit suicide, this is what you are going to get for that
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