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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Autism and Vaccines

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Just stuck up my first Gollancz Bulk review!

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Seems perfectly reasonable, look forward to seeing this in action. There's always someone who has to ruin it for everyone else, nice to know there'll be someone to keep them in check.

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Why the hell not! 

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Okay, so it goes like this. After creating an awesome product (I've got 2 sets, it's really good!) and after some pretty big hardships, Serpent's Tongue (the pioneering game from Unbound Gaming) is stuck.

They're in one of those "more stock than money" situations, and need less of the former for more of the latter. So they're having a HUGE flash sale! Like, HUGE.

Core sets, two books, two decks, ruleset, gems, tokens, the WHOLE lot: $20. Archive sets, basically big boxes of additional cards, $25. Damn. This is like 66% off everything, and a REALLY good way to get into the game.

I'm pushing this because honestly, I love this game. It's really fun, it's inventive, and it's got a great look and feel to it. I don't want these guys going under, I really want to help push them through this rough patch. Go on, take a peek and see what you think. If you like it, get involved! Hit me up, we'll play a few rounds!

So how frowned-upon is this?
- Set of method declarations
- List = [method_1, method_2, method_4]
- for command in List:
- Profit?
Should you later change the order, or add more methods, all you need to do is plug in the method itself and add to the list..... Right? :)
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