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New Year - New Attitude
I'm starting this new school year off with a positive attitude.   I am positive that... All students are smart in their own way. It is up to me to figure out those ways. My students deserve a well-planned and engaging lesson.  It keeps them busy and on task...

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Looking Back...Interactive Science Notebooks
A five-subject spiral bound notebook has been a fabulous choice for my classes.  Composition books are great but each year I have students that run out of room.  They then change to a different notebook and it isn't nearly as organized as the first.   Table...

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New Technology Posters
Trying out a new poster system for BYOD.  Hopefully I will use this more than what I had last year. Slight grammatical error in this one!  Oops!  I'll white out the "s."

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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....School Time!
I am only making a few minor changes to the classroom decor this year.  Overall I have been satisfied with the look of my classroom. I love the pre-made awnings I found at a local teacher store.  In the past, I have tried to figure out a way to make one but...

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Preparing for a new school year...
It seems that every summer I spend a lot of time shopping various Dollar Tree stores and other places looking for classroom decorations and other ideas.  This summer isn't much different other than the late start I've had.  I'm also spending some time refle...

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Holiday Competitions
Just a peak of our holiday competitions.... 1.  We were given the challenge to decorate a box to house the food/cans for our school's food drive.  We definitely got creative on this one.  The oven doors open to be the collection bin for the cans. 2.  Our co...

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Proud to be a Public School Teacher!
Today started out as most of my summer days do.  I woke up, grabbed my phone to check email, and then perused various social media sites (because heaven forbid if I miss out on something that may have occurred during the wee hours of the night).  As I scrol...

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Classroom Technology Usage Sign
In preparation of BYOD/BYOT this school year I decided to put a spin on a usage sign. I decided to make the sign in colors which suit my classroom decor.  Although it printed a little darker than I anticipated, I was still pleased with the final product, I ...

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QR Code Enhanced Word Wall
Our county has finally adopted a BYOD policy!  With that good news I plan put technology to use in my classroom.  My first project will be to enhance my BAV word wall with QR codes that will direct students to a web page for further information.  I hop...

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ARC Customizable Notebook System by Staples
I've spent many years attempting to create my version of the perfect plan book. It is so much more difficult than I ever anticipated.  Three-ring binders just don't work well for me.  I usually end up damaging the rings and losing papers.  It gets to the po...
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