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Possibly idea for a future project: a really minimal distributed sensor board. Main features:

- Small
- Cheap
- Built in wireless (Nordic chipset seems like a good choice, since it's cheap and mesh-capable)
- Headers for stacking sensor 'shields'

I'm thinking an AVR with a nordic radio on a board would work. Atmel has an AVR with built in wireless, but it's pretty expensive.
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Have you had a look at JeeNodes. Not Nordic but RFM12B .

There are a lot of small "plugs" a JeeNode equivalent to a sheild.

Strobotics uses RFM12B and I think was originally based on a JeeNode.

You can run a JeeNode off a single AA batter for a very long time too ;-)

There is also now a JeeNode micro which is even smaller.
+Tim Hoffman Oh, that's neat. Pretty much exactly what I was thinking of, though a little more expensive than I'd hoped.
All the schematics are there, plus a heap of libraries, so you might be able to fab something specific for your own stuff. There isn't much there in the way of components. I haven't really found anything cheaper as yet.

I have 4 JeeNodes and they do work well, and the work jcw has done some pretty amazing stuff on low power management. He has one JeeNode Micro running off a coin cell (just sending out a beacon message every minute) running continously for 75+ days.

I will end up with about a dozen JeeNodes or JeeNode Micros here.
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