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Ferdinand Aneke
A Website Developer and Businessman.
A Website Developer and Businessman.
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Just made my first withdrawal on Coinex and it was paid in less than 3 mins, looked great before I invested now I can attest its great!

Explore the site and make an investment,

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INFINITYBTC is a 2x5 Matrix with a difference, u join with 0.006btc and refer two ppl with ur link. Once that is done you are in to earn 19.9btc infinitely!

The system upgrades all members automatically so no one can refuse or forget to upgrade or miss out on donations. Once you earn enough on each level, the system takes what you need to upgrade and automatically upgrades you to next level and remits your profits on the level to your wallet.

Also from level 2 the system starts discounting your earnings to repurchase new positions for you on the matrix, at each level you have new positions on level 1 repurchased for you so you can also earn from the new postions.

This means as your old positions are completing the matrix you continue earning from your new repurchased positions hence you earn 19.9btc infinitely with a one-time entry fee of 0.006btc! Isn't this amazing and a superb approach to matrix!

Join our vibrant team today and let's grow faster together,

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Here is how someone can come into Gatosk with absolutely $0 and build a solid business.

The paid-to-click platform is absolutely free to participate. Not only will one earn from their own PTC efforts, but will also receive a 100% CASH payout CHECK MATCH BONUS on direct referrals.

For example, if you refer 10 people to the Gatosk PTC platform and they each earn $70 in a week, you earn $700 cash for that week upon your next payout (on top of whatever you earned in PTC yourself). How could it get more awesome, right?! Just wait...

As a free member, if any packages or products are purchased anywhere in your downline, you will receive store credits for those.

Should you decide to use what you have already earned to purchase a service OR advertising package, you will now earn CASH commissions from anything purchased in your downline.

Wait, it gets even better! On top of that, you are now qualified to earn not only grid commissions, but also 100% CHECK MATCH on whatever your direct referrals earn in grid commissions! Pretty freakin sweet huh?!

But I'm not done yet! Now let's say you take a fraction of your earnings to upgrade to the $35 service you are also qualified to earn from the 2up Split!

Now you are getting commissions on PTC (including 100% check match on direct referrals), commissions from the grid (including 100% check match on direct referrals), commissions on items purchased in your downline, and commissions from the 2up Split!

Do you see now how a person without investing a penny can build a five, six, or even seven figure a year income?

And again, Gatosk will be ever expanding with ecommerce products, our social media platform, and so much more.

If you thought we were kidding you about building a business to outlast even your kids, I hope now you see how possible it is!

Now do you understand how fortunate you are to be at the start of this amazing company?! Where else can someone go without a penny investment and build a legacy?!

Oh yes, one more thing! Bitcoin will be an option throughout all of Gatosk. Both for purchasing (products, services, packages) and for receiving payout (for everything).

Register now,

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Launching end of this month, the Gatosk PTC platform is extraordinary! Anyone can begin as a free member and quickly build a nice, solid income. Starting without a single dime, anyone who chooses can soon take advantage of other compensation plans (grid, 2upSplit, and more on the way).

Members who refer others to PTC, receive 100% check match on their direct referrals’ earnings (commissions earned only on first level direct referrals).

Example for G PTC

Let’s say we choose to click 250 links per day. For how many ever links we click and view.. we get payouts for them.. we do not have to forcefully complete a certain amount of PTC links to be paid.
One small example: each PTC takes about 10-15 seconds to view and complete..
so with the 250 link example.. 250 * 15 = 2750 seconds.. round off to 3000 seconds / 60 = 50 mins .. so in 1 hr or 1 and half approx we complete 250 links earning $280 per month...
So.. with ONLY 10 direct referrals who do EXACTLY 250 links daily...
Then by the 100% matching bonus for PTC .. I get 10 * 280 = $2800 per month. This is only after I minus at least minimum $15 per month from my additional $280 per month I earn through my own 250 PTC links.

So Overall from this example. I earn $2800 + $280 - $15 per month which is = $3065 per month...

Join Gatosk now,

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Register on Cryptobitx, only 0.001 btc one-time out of pocket to join, no expiry of your Level 1-7 subscription, so no monthly renewals!

Make up to 1000+ bitcoins!

You only need 2 active referrals.

We have a great team and we work together so when u join u get extra spillovers from your uplines in the team

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Be sure to be a part of this history making event either as a participant or a spectator live at National Stadium Lagos.

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Just Checking In
A Minister/ Priest passing through his church    In the middle of the day,    Decided to pause by the altar    To see who came to pray.      Just then the back door opened,    And a man came down the aisle,    The minister frowned as he saw the man    Hadn'...
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