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In case you missed it before the holidays, check out my guide to custom dashboards in Google Analytics with specific examples for #pubmedia stations.

Hey #measure, a colleague wants to learn a lot more about research and Analytics. Any advice for mentoring someone who is not a direct report?

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Great presentation that reminds me of work I did with +Terry Pittman and +Steve Kukla at AOL. Persona management is still a big missing component in social networks. Thinking Google+ could become your social broadcasting operations center. In other words, publish at Google+ once, but have postings show up in other social networks based on what mindset you are in or what persona you are managing. "Here's The Presentation That Inspired Google+"

Google+ follow recommendations are suddenly a lot more relevant to me. I do find it interesting that my #measure circle outnumbers my #pubmedia circle 2:1.

I guess conference sponsorship works. I just recommended three vendors who sponsored eMetrics to a colleague even though I only do business with one of them.

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A Capitol Fourth | Watch Steve Martin Sizzle on A Capitol Fourth

Well, I certainly get a lot more e-mail now thanks to Google+.

I can't help but think that social media has learned nothing from Ghostbusters: "Don't cross the streams." - Egon

Interesting that my first few connections on Google+ are the same first connections that were on every other social network. Guess I have a core group of fellow early adopters.
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