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I can't code without good muzic.

The first essential in chemistry is that you should perform practical
work and conduct experiments, for he who performs not practical work
nor makes experiments will never attain the least degree of mastery.

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Grab my chess opening books for chess engines and chess GUI's

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Grab my 15 Million chess game database now!

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15 Million Games Chess Database
I maintain a chess games database, at the time of writing this post database contains 15 million games and growing. You can contribute your efforts or download here Check for database updates on above link from time to time.

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Compile latest GTKMM for Visual Studio
INTRODUCTION (please read first) Hello! Since images tell thousand words, here are few that show latest gtkmm 3 in Visual Studio: You can achieve the above goal by following strict compilation rules and setup. Please note that this site is just a shortcut t...

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GTKMM Installation on Windows (step by step)
INTRODUCTION: (please read first) Hi, as you probably already know, making GTK+ / gtkmm work on Windows is not a simple task and since I spent so many days compiling all on my own, I decided to write a step by step blog on how to make things work the easy w...
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