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atemporality jan 2017
the market is the art

(this is a work in progress)

a kid got a group of art advisors, dealers, critics and investors to sell a work of art for a trillion dollars. part of how they did it was by contracting a percentage of all sales of that work.

everything collected from that work of art got distributed to everyone below the poverty line in their home town, once the bowl reached a trillion. if the art sold for a trillion then the bowl filled right away, otherwise the trillion's made off the percentage of all the sales of the work.

because art can do what so much else can't seem to, by distributing something people love.

a trillion dollars distributed statewide to 80 million people living below the poverty line in Pennsylvania (as of Jan 2017) is about $500,000, which might seem like a lot but is probly not enough.

Pennsylvania is the keystone state. Pittsburgh has a strong back.

this idea was inspired by the gentrification and displacement that follows art.
artists change the way the world works, that's what art does. but making it is just the first act. all art draws attention, and attention draws money. And when there's enough money to go around then the people without it, get cut out. that's some noise.

tl:dr artists! contract % of all sales of the art then give what you don't need to those who do.

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i've been working with teeth infections for almost all of 2016 and i've made a bunch of changes to my diet. i've had a drowned mario of a time kicking a salt thing, though. there's ramen and cracker snacks available ad naus in the office and i love that sh*t.
But according to this research maybe my body has been craving salt for a real reason. i'm going to try a little more himalayan pink salt and see if that helps with my noodle cracker party.

taking this article with grain of.. u know.

The reason Pittsburgh survived the demise of the steel industry is the mogul's that ran this place understood the change that was happening, and shifted their efforts towards education and technology. Now, it is one of the few thriving cities left in the rust belt.

The economy is changing; oil, coal, and gas, are all starting to fade. This nation could learn something from the iron city.

sunoco and energy transfer are saying they'll move forward (with the dapl) like nothing, but i think the only reason sunoco has stepped in is because energy transfer's stock is tanking. but, sunoco's stock has already started to drop too. a trump presidency is happening, imo, because the analytics show that big oil, big gas, and big banks are in pretty bad trouble. that's why i think a war is in the works, because who needs it the most? big oil gas and banks, all of whom trump is the epytome of.

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Alien rotoscope by Kris Miklos
Animated Photo

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Jason Hite - Icons of Doom
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