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Is your Gun too Loud?
Is your Gun too Loud?


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We had these images sent in by a customer who  was using a standard steel moderator on a Sauer 223 - the results you can clearly see, were after 3 months of non use of rifle and moderator ( moderator treated with Wd40 after use).

We would love to hear from you all.

BTW : MAE Moderators don't do this -  a fine black powder is all you will see -

Why not do the tap 'n'test this customer did over white paper and if you weigh your results and evidence with video - the heaviest results will win a Havalon knife see here -

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New QuickLoad data disk available March 2015 - buy online from the website - this will bring all older versions from version 3, up to date to March 15th 2015.

Select data disk option 4 on the 

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We decided that we won't be using the local car wash - its too expensive now! 

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Not the intended use - but a very good example of how robust these game carriers are.

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We would like to make you aware that we are building up our online information in order to make  life as easy as possible for existing and new customers interested in MAE (what was PEZ) Moderators, QuickLoad and the Gametransporter product we sell.

The main website is

The #MAE Moderator site is
The #Quickload site is
The #Gametransporter site is

We have also added the gallery here :

And the blog here:

Our main email address is

If you have moderators purchased from JMS ARMS and want to make sure you have registered your warranty with us please let us know the model and date of purchase via email or on the warranty page on the MAE moderators website.

We are building an image gallery of our products both for promotion and where customers are happy to share images of them being used and we would welcome shared images from you  together with any customer feedback. 

We are also using social media and email as means of keeping in touch which we hope you don't mind.

Many thanks


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