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Richard Eidelson (Philadelphia Dentist)
Top Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia
Top Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia
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Best Veneers Treatement in philadelphia
Did you know that we are a certified Lumineers Porecelain Veneers dentist in Philadelphia? Come to our office for a FREE consultation and see the incredible smile transformations we can achieve with dental veneers!
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Looking for a dentist in Center City Philadelphia? We have new patient specials that are sure to make you smile ;-)

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Very Interesting.....What teeth can reveal!

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Back to School - back to the dentist!! Make your appointments now!

Happy Monday! August is winding down fast and we will soon be faced with students going back to school. For all of you college students heading back....remember to schedule your twice yearly dental checkup ! 
Call 215-627-1995 - for routine x-rays, dental exams, and cleanings. 
For more info please checkout my website:

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Another great article showing the importance of oral health. Keep your twice yearly dental appointments to make sure your dentist is aware of any changes to your gums or teeth. 
We are here to help! Call 215-627-1995

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I love this headline! Gouda, Swiss, cheddar...;-)

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This is horrible! But apparently the girl's teeth were in such bad shape that it was necessary. Not sure why the parents would let her teeth get to such a state - another reason to visit your dentist twice a year! 
This means YOU! make an appointment:

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Wow! 30 teenage migraine suffering patients were tested - when they gave up chewing gum….26 said the migraines went away.

Most of them were chewing gum for well over an hour - stressing out the TMJ. 

Pass along to any parents of teen suffering with this…
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