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Sexy at 41
God is all around me. Infront of me and behind me. I can feel His hand on my shoulder Happy Birthday to me! Sexy at 41! Beautiful roses from my dear bestie, Cath.

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Happy Birthday Malaysia! It's holiday again today. A long weekend for Malaysian. Enjoy the blissful day, ya! Today I would like to introduce you the beauty package offers by my dear lovely friend, Azah . Azah was my classmate in SM Stella Maris and she is n...

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What waits for Rabbit in The Year of Snake 2013
I learnt reading Feng Shui materials from my husband and Father in-law. This kind of reading material is actually taught you a lot about a better living such as healthy, wealthy, prosperity, fertility etc. In other words, you know how your horoscope look li...

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Red Cheongsam vs Green Cheongsam
Please excuse me if this entry is really annoying you. It might be boring you...but not to some of us. I'm writing a little bit about Cheongsam again. He he he! Haizz, Chinese New Year is comin soon afterall ...and another special occasion is also awaiting ...

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LBLG - Forever Elegance
Seriously, the Lahad Datu intruders interrupted me from blogging. More over, this case spreads to Semporna and also an impact to nearby town such as Kunak and Sandakan. *Sa punya makcik di Lahad Datu (adik bapa sa), anaknya bekerja as Pengurus Ladang Felda ...

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Another Project
Happy Merdeka Malaysian! Hello there, howdy. I have so many to update here after I completed my 4 years Degree course at Open University Malaysia. I thought I have plenty time to update my blog beside my Instagram or Facebook. Fortunately, another interesti...

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Seventh Day of CNY - L.B.L.G
The seventh day of the Chinese New Year is known as Human Day . It is considered to be the birthday of all people and on this day they are considered to be a year older. On this day special foods are eaten which have symbolic meanings or can enhance people'...

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Pindik Suda
I keep telling my bestfriend, Wendy John about my intend to do tomboy haircut. She, as always, just support whatever I think can makes me happy! So after my examination completed, on the 12th April 2013, I made my history! Cewahhh... I told the my hairdress...

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Mata sa berkedip, Kenapa ah?
Hari nie kan, tetiba berkedip kunun mata kiri saya. Tetiba saja bah. Masa tu saya mau bersedia untuk pulang after a long boring working day today.  Sunyi betul di workstation saya. So, by the time mau pulang and on the way balik rumah, atukeeii bertambah la...

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The Reunion of 5 Unity Class of 1992 - SM Stella Maris
Hello again, I'm back with the story of big project. Yeah, remember I rambling about it in my previous post. So this is it... As for the start, I personally would like to say Selamat datang ke blogku to some of you and especially my ex-classmate form 5 Unit...
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