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Most of the themes nav bar icons aren't working on android 7 

So when I first start simple it asks me to log in so I log in then I wanna switch accounts so I go switch accounts and Choose a slot (all slots are empty) so once I press any slot the first account that I was logged in with I can't find it anymore /do I have log in 2 times (one at the start and one in a slot) to keep my first account? Shouldn't the first account already have a slot filled? 

Are you going add playlists like recently added and modified? 

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Can you make the delete confirmation under the delete button like this 

The scanning device for music notification stops at 99% and can't be removed  and there is a slight lag when switching tracks 

Simple gallery bug / I selected pictures to be moved and after I press OK it moves the selection up like for example I have 12 picture I select bottom 6 it is moved the upper 6 

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Here are the Screenshots for material perimum space on nougat 
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Add support to Android 7

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How do you measure popularity cause there are apps that are good and I can't share them because "I shared too many popular apps" like right now I can't share any good apps 
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