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James Carson

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Given we’ll shortly be reaching the centenary of the outbreak of World War One, we compiled this piece to explain the key global events of the...
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James Carson

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Yeah - the +State of Search one doesn't count
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James Carson

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I really quite like the way you can update Google+ from the SERPs
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Hi - We wanted to give Carson Content credit on Facebook for an article - Do you have a company FB page?
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James Carson

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i'm trying to work out how to post to twitter
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James Carson

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Was Franz Ferdinand's Assassination the Most Important Event of the 20th Century?
The assassination of Franz Ferdinand is truly an event that changed the world. Being the catalyst for World War I in 1914, its reverberations...
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Literally haven't updated this since April
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A lot of people in SEO world use it... I don't much
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James Carson

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why oh why does the G+ plugin work for everyone but me?
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Can't remember - search chrome store for Google + to tweet
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I'm a content strategy consultant. 
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