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Someone called Martin, a ukulele band leader very kindly told Annette the other day that he enjoys my blog. He said he especially likes the pieces on travel. So, here we go with a few journeys to India, probably my currently favourite country, especially si...

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Hong Kong Diary (continued)
Thai Trek (continued) We leave the Akha about 6.30 and walk all morning
along the ridges to another Lahu village, in the lowlands. There
are rice fields, green and lush, and even a school here. This
tribe is quite wealthy. Just beyond the Lahu village i...

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A Visit to the Akha Tribe (Continued)
The hut where we are staying is right beside the water
tank: the hub of the village. Women gather there continually to
fill gourds and carry them back to their huts. There are some
thirty or forty homes on the mud-packed rolling peak. They are all in

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Sailing Turkey 2016
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The Thai Akha Tribes
The next morning we wash in the river,
since drinking water is precious. It is five-thirty and the whole village is
awake and working. I shake my shoes, which are not allowed to be worn in the
huts, in case of nasties and go out to inspect the two female el...

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Hong Kong Diary - Thailand
Trek Into The Golden Triangle – Part
One One of the
advantages of a posting to Hong Kong is that other Far East countries are
easily accessible. One of the first we visit is Thailand. Chiang Mai is
Thailand's northern gateway to a magical land of green hill...

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Here's the second section of my Hong Kong diary - Walking
Caged Birds - The Cantonese are great bird fanciers: anything else
that moves, they eat. The birds range from large mynahs to
songbirds the size of a jenny wren, and you will often see a man walking

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Impressions of Hong Kong
In 1988 my wife Annette was appointed to a military post in Hong Kong, based at Osborne Barracks at Kowloon Tong. As a civilian in Child Guidance for the military schools there, she was given the honorary rank of captain.The was not quite a straight reversa...

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A Short Short Story
Thought I'd try this one out on my blog, for anyone who likes old-fashioned sf. If you guess the ending early, please let me know, because it probably relies on the twist. The Return a short story by Garry Kilworth Segna stared at the straggled
line of the ...

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Gallery of Birds2
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