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Character Generation instructions don't mention Stunts. (Narratively, I would expect one to arrive each phase.) Also, Association isn't part of the backstory...

How do I get from an Arm to a Gulf, or the Rim or the Hub? ("Distant" Links explicitly go to another Arm and may cut through a gulf.)

I think another useful free printable would be three cheatsheets for the three different Physics, e.g. showing standard Fate scale modifiers and giving example actions.

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I reviewed the game - or at least half of it! The Elysium Flare setting and space travel is for next time.

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I've been reading a lot of modern non fiction to freshen up the store of borrowed life experience from which I create stories and adventures...
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Just got my copy of it and reading the PDF while waiting for the paperback. It's really elegant. +Brad Murray did you just rationalise Fate Point driven stunts by turning them into Aspects?

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“Cover the back of your necks! It’s going for your necks!”

“Use the black hole gun!”

“I’m out of Hero Points!”

“Kill them! Kill them!”


Yes the house is full of teens playing a review copy of indy game I Love the Corps, a self-consciously SciFi game which hits the notes of 90s Military SF, with a dose of Aliens, plus video games like Call of Duty and Mass Effect (the referee’s book has a handy appendix of inspirations, including music).

The lads range from 12 through to 16, with my son Kurtzhau, 14, in the middle and in the thick of it refereeing an ambitious one-shot he’s crafted involving rebel humans and sinister uploading aliens, epic scale space dreadnoughts, and more twists than a sack-full of broken micro USB cables.

The players don’t all know each other! There’s two from the Friday night Traveller group, two mates from music school, plus a complete stranger, pretty much shipped in to make up the numbers because the biggest challenge of running teen RPG sessions is getting enough players together in the face of random parental decisions (“It’s a nice day cancel your plans we’re going for a walk”/”But Granny’s coming.”/”We need to take you to buy new sneakers”). There’s not even any getting to know-you-time — there’s a four hour slot, and Kurthzau is going to make the most of it. It doesn’t matter. The game picks up momentum like an accelerating grav tank and soon both dice and small arms are rattling.

I’d expected the business of military rank to cause problems. However, the nature of the style of warfare, plus the neat specialisation of the characters, gives all the players a pleasing level of autonomy, while at the same time a sense that having a squad leader is useful. (It helps that the player in question has a good sense of military tactics and manages to prevent everybody getting killed several times.)
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I'm really impressed by the preview! My one bit of feedback so far is that two sandboxy things feel missing:

1. Random Encounter and Patron Tables as per various editons of Traveller.
2. Some kind of random city/culture/world generation system

Second question about magic: The rules suggest that 2nd Magnitude spells normally require pre-adventure prep, but offer no guidance on how many spells one can prepare like that. How do you guys handle this?

Is there an FAQ for Magic? A few things seem a little fuzzy in the rules, and though I am happy to make things up, I'd prefer to work within whatever tried and tested ways of doing things exist.
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