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Dan Tharp
Husband, father, son, brother, guitarist, composer
Husband, father, son, brother, guitarist, composer

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Photographer Lynden Smith, used one of my pieces "Almost" as music for his Best of 2014 photographyvideo:
As always, thanks for thinking of my music Lynden. Your photography is incredible and I'm flattered that you combined my music with it. :)

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Heading to Shady Beach (MO) for our annual family camping/rafting/tubing trip.  I hope nobody gets bit by a snake or spider or other monsters "outside".  I hear there's no reload-game-save option in real life.  :(

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I always liked the electric guitar my friend Beaux Dean added onto my piece "Delays Delays".....turned out to be a nice collaboration....(even if purely remote and digital....a good "colab" none-the-less).  :)

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Have you considered getting into Patreon? It's a service where you can ask folks to view your videos for a monthly fee....however little or as much as they want, giving you the ability to make more money for all of what you do for the gaming/modding community.
I heard about this through another favorite youtuber of mine, Tyrannicon:

I'm going to subscribe to Tyrannicon because I anxiously await his videos every day.....the same as I do with your videos.
I would DEFINITELY subscribe to your videos if you were on Patreon

.....just a thought.
I think, considering everything that you do, as much time as you spend creating such wonderful content, those of us who are willing to support you, should be able to show our appreciation in some way and even if it's a couple bucks here, a couple of bucks there....if you have a lot of subscribers/supporters, it can make a difference and help you keep doing what you do.
Returns on advertising via youtube, I can only imagine, are doing nothing but dwindling.

It's something to think about.
If you do decide to do this, I'd LOVE to be your first subscriber/supporter!
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