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Thanks for the invited 

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😛 Hah Hah Haaaah mercy
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Oh no!

So I think I've dated some witches and I'm serious the things that have been going on lately aren't that bad but they have remind me of the things I saw when I was younger . I don't know if I'm losing my mind or this check has some kind of power she can talk to you sit right in front of you and also be the next person walking in the room. at least that the way this chick makes it seems. I can't wait to get out of this God forsaking city. If it ain't the dishonest thieves food poisoning nasty filthy living they offer here it's this witch craft goats girls dudes doing weird stuff like chick growing beards by guys rubbing on there face. Wierd as the uck. 

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I will vote for the birthday party no wait the bachlor party
It's Election Day Poll time finally.  Please go vote Democrat if you didn't already, as it will help the causes of world peace, clean energy, science progress, longevity, women rights, civil rights.  :)  Thank you for making the effort to vote and have others vote too, every vote counts.  Feel free to let us know how you voted by clicking on the Democrat or Republican below:
This poll is not available.

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Nice cool weather today and I love it 

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Yes man seminar and fall down steps dog bout to eat face off all really happen. Old lady take out teeth and well smh some people luck 

Morning Googlers
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