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Wondering how Chromecast will authenticate across different networks? It uses the same principle of that I shared months ago, via ultrasonic sounds emitted by the TV and detected by the phone.

which are the design elements you like the most in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8?

I was wondering why my music collection in FLAC from Google Play Music sounded worse than the same album on Spotify (premium)... 
"** FLAC, ogg, and aac files are transcoded to 320kbps mp3."

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For lazy people like me :)

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Chat between devices without network or internet connection. So clever and geeky :)

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Just played a bit with the Jolla phone...

So many swipes to do different things, some of them are critical and should not be swipe.

For example, let's talk about the swipe down:
you can swipe down in some app from the middle of the screen if you see a glow indicator at the top of the screen, this reveals a menu with more options, but you have to swipe in the middle of the screen otherwise you do the different action, that is closing the app. Yes, closing the app. You can close every app by swiping from the top edge, it's just so easy to trigger and you risk of losing the current content of the app and the hanger of having to rerun it. Closing an app is critical and should be avoided.

From the bottom edge you can swipe to reveal notifications, but it's missing an animation to see what's happening.

App store is confusing!

More to come if you want, or just comment below

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I've in plans an app for Pocket,
but I have no experience at all with online authentication, json etc etc... and not much time to study in my spare time.
Does anyone want to help me? I have access to their private API for reading articles, it'll be the official Pocket client for Ubuntu.

Anyone has the new Nexus 7 (and/or had the 2012 ones) to compare browsers? Better with the iPad too... Browsing the web on the 2012 Nexus 7 is still too bad imho, too slow, iOS is clearly ahead.

Maybe I should challenge myself and become interaction designer... So many things annoying me, and wondering why on earth they are designed so weirdly.

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Practicing composition!
Some shots from yesterday... also on Flickr:
East London
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