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If you've never been on a wildlife walking safari you are missing out!
Watching wild animals on foot is an experience you'll never forget. Here is why taking a wildlife walking safari can change your life.
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Have you ever stared into the beautiful eyes of a Florida fighting conch? #Florida #shell #wildlife

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If you are on Instagram you've probably seen the #2015bestnine photos of almost everyone. If you are not on Instagram, you missed that!
Here are our best Instagram photos of 2015, plus the stories behind each one of them.
#Instagram #wildlife #photography
The stories behind our best nine Instagram photos of 2015. From a dog playing with a bison, to a suckling giraffe, to a weddell seal in Antarctica.
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This is a great short story where you'll be transported to South Africa in search of the elusive leopard.
#book #review  
Book Review of "Unspotted" by Justin Fox, a quest to spot one of the few Cape leopards that live in the Cederberg, South Africa.
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The lion canned hunting business needs to be banned.
Blood Lions is a hard hitting documentary that blows the lid on canned hunting - the shooting of lions that are bred in captivity, hand-reared and then shot by trophy hunters in a fenced reserve giving the lion no hope of escape.
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A walking polar bear safari is an incredible wildlife encounter. We encountered many bears during our trip, including a mother and her cub.
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By Christopher Binns Can you swim on any beach you want to? There is something magical about the sea. Unfortunately beach access is becoming increasingly limited in Jamaica everyday. Large hotel chains dominate the the North Coast, leaving locals very little space left to freely enjoy a day at the b…
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There are around 5,000 black rhinos left in the wild. So seeing a black rhino nursing is not only a wonderful sight. #rhino #conservation #safari #Namibia #endangered #Etosha
The sight of an endangered black rhino nursing is not something I ever expected to see. But one special night in Namibia changed all that.
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Hi baby 
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Winter is our favorite time to visit Yellowstone. There are no people and it is the best time to spot the wolves!
#Yellowstone #Winter  
Wolf watching in Yellowstone in the Winter is one of the best wildlife experiences in the world. In this guide we'll show you how!
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5 Everyday Things we can do to help wildlife
There are a lot of great things a person can do to help wildlife. We've collected five things that can make a big difference. And the results are worth it.
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Walking with polar bears is the ultimate Canadian safari. You can have a personal and intimate wildlife encounter in Manitoba with +Churchill Wild . It is safe both for the bears and for the people, and is led by experienced, qualified bear guides. It is an amazingly calm and peaceful interaction.
(Of course, DO NOT attempt to do this without a qualified guide!)
+TravelManitoba +CANADA Explore | Explorez
A review of Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Want to walk with polar bears in the wild? Read our Nanuk Lodge review to see polar bears and wolves in wild Canada.
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Thank you so much +Cristina Garcia! Loved this story!
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Our 23 best polar bear photos from our different visits to the wilds of Manitoba, Canada 
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Travel 4 Wildlife
Editor and photographer at Travel 4 Wildlife , a site dedicated to adventure wildlife travel.
Love to travel the world and visit great wildlife destinations. My favorite place in the world is the Kgalagadi, in South Africa.
  • University of Edinburgh
    GIS, Geographical Information Systems, 2005 - 2006
  • Liverpool John Moores University
    Zoology, 2001 - 2004
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