Here's Our Predictions For Google + Business Pages As We See It

Also it is Friday, Shameless Self Promotion Day, so tell us about your business and how you see G+ benefiting it from your view as a business owner.... Links Welcome

After +Denis Labelle shared a blog post about G+ business profiles.

Expand this post and read the short text, you should not miss this

I wanted to reinforce some of the facts that this article left out. Not Denis's fault, Social Media Today forgot to tell you a few things. Also I have a dim view of a social media site that does on have a +1 button on it and then goes on to write about Google+.

Just a few things the article should have said.....

I took the time to read this Denis Labelle, but it's a little misleading, even Ford has said that this page will come down and there will be no migration to a G brand page. Google said the same thing, but I like getting a little back up on Google promises.

And we all saw the video below of G+ mock ups of business profiles too. We believe when brands roll out, that this mockup will instead link to the Places page of the biz. So actually Google Places pages will become G+ brand pages.....

Here's our predictions around my office Denis...

* Full Integration into Google Places pages

* Integration into Google Apps

* Of course Analytics.

For those of you who don't know what Google Places is all about, here a quickie.

Google Place predate Facebook biz pages by 4 years.

Here is the collaborative ratings page

And here's a places page, my local hangout for drinking beer and shooting pool.

Glad you asked +Shin Yong since others probably needed this info too.
This really has to happen concurrently, integration is going to take more than meets the eye and has to happen at the same time, since so many Places pages are claimed thru a G Apps account.

Also G+ going public without an invite process was the first step, and that happened this week.
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