One Last Thought On G+ Traffic Tactics, & The Most Important One + Why Clan Marketing / Clique Sharing DOES NOT WORK

PS - I will be doing a webinar soon with +Jack Humphrey and I will be asking him why it does not matter if you share and link to other experts and authority site content. :] NEXT...

>>> Go to this post, then go to Thomas Morffew's link to his site on that post.

>>> Look at the second blog post thumbnail. Notice who is in that...

>>> Because Thomas crosses the lines of sharing the competition, he gets re-shared BY the competition (that's me) !

If you want to get reshared you have to reshare others BUT when you get identified as a clan only marketer, that you only share those in your marketing clan group, then you are exposed as a self interested BS artist.

This is what most marketers new to social marketing do not understand. I share +Mari Smith all the time. Even though +Guy Kawasaki is now her public and webinar Google+ expert sidekick. Does that leak buyers from my following to her marketing process NO! Does Mari market products that compete with mine YES! Do I care NO! Here's why...

Even though +Brock Predovich, +Yifat Cohen, +Thomas Morffew and others compete for sales to our social and Google+ marketing products sharing their content does not in any way put a dent in my sales. Social following have little to do with sales.

People buy from you because they like you better than the competition

Sales have nothing to do with how many followers you have on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. SALES have everything to do with:




So NOT sharing people on Google+ because you are trying to set yourself up as THE Google+ expert, or clan of experts in what ever niche you are in... just goes to show that you have no idea what you are doing. Obviously +Thomas Morffew does know what he is doing because he is confident in his level own perceived Trust, Value and Authority!

Your most attractive marketing skill is self confidence, use it! - Chris
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