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export database table php
export database table php Sometime there is need to export database table by php code. There is a very simple approach to do this.

  ] export database table by php /******EDIT LINES 3-8******/
$DB_Server = "localhost"; //MySQL Server
$DB_Username = "...

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Simple Responsive Slider using jquery
Here is a Simple Responsive Slider using jquery which works on every
breakpoints. A very simple js/jquery which helps you to modify it
according to your requirements. Download  infinite_Image_Carousel-master

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Custom linkedin button for share and auth
< script src = "" > api_key : //onLoad: onLinkedInLoad scope : r_basicprofile r_emailaddress r_fullprofile authorize : true </script> < script > function onLinkedInAuth ( ) { IN . API . Profile ( "me" ) . fields ( "firstNam...

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remove svn files folder using php
some time we forget to export a project on svn and upload that on main server. Result , our main server now have svn file and folders folders .
if we want to delete them we have to delete them one by one (if your
svn version is old) or we have to upload a...

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need answer of that question

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update product quantity on check out page magento
you can do it by editing item.phtml (template/checkout/onepage/review/item.phtml) and these lines after line no #47

<td class="a-center"><?php echo $_item->getQty() ?></td>
<td class="a-center">
<input name="cart[<?php echo $_ite...

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Today I am going to explain you how to put magento on maintenance
mode. That maintenance mode will show to all other user user beside you.
So can can work on a live environment if there is any issue. Some time we all face a problem that something is not w...

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unzip folder and files using php code
<!--? php $zip = new ZipArchive; if ($zip->open('') === TRUE) { // using $_SERVER[' DOCUMENT_ROOT '] if you don't know the where you are     $zip->extractTo('/my/destination/dir/');     $zip->close();     echo 'ok'; } else {     echo 'failed'; } ?>

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set permission for magento (magento-cleaning)
If you are facing issue of permissions or internal server error then try to set permission to magento folder that might help you. set 777 for media , var and app/etc folder and for rest of file and folders create a file with name
“magento-cleaning.php” and...
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