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The Power of Incompetence and Powerlessness of the Competent
The Power of Incompetence and
Powerlessness of the Competent T. V. Rao I always wondered if most Chairpersons, CEOs, MDs,
Presidents, CXOs, CHROs really and genuinely interested in recruiting and using
competent people as peers (colleagues at same level) or...

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Ugly HR: You are your own Resource: Why Curse or Depend on HR?
You are your own Resource: Why Depend
on HR?                                                      T.
V. Rao                                                       In recent
times, while travelling, I found the number of conversations I hear from strangers

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I tend to agree with the views of Prof. Samir Barua. I also understand that the bill cleared by the cabinet suggests five members to be represented in the Board to be from Alumni and only one Member of the Society. It totally removes the role of the Society in IIMA, B, C etc. Here it is the IIMA Society that nurtured the Institute from the beginning. Secondly while the Alumni idea is laudable, where would Institutions started in the last couple of years get five Alumni and even if they get what is the experience levels of the Alumni.

I am told that the bill got changed with intervention from the PMO. While the desire of the PMO to make the IIMs autonomous is very laudable, one hopes various issues emerging out of the new bill as approved by the Cabinet will be debated adequately in the parliament before it is adopted.

In scaling up anything en mass experience of our country is we lose quality and get bureaucracy that regulates quality and brings down innovations. I am in favor of the bill with clauses that protect the quality of already establish IIMs.

I also strongly feel the role of the Boards, Directors and faculty should be spelt out. CAG audit is a welcome thing. Part time Directors should not be allowed as there are rumors of cases of Directors handling more than one institution and doing more than one job. Institution Builders like Ravi Matthai even sacrificed their personal life and devoted full time to Institution Building. ISB had a lot of teething troubles until they had a full time Dean who brought lot of stability. Institution Building is a full time 24x7 job. We need competent and committed leaders to lead the Institutions. Boards should ahve freedom to give a higher remuneration to Directors and even examine the idea of freeing them from consulting work that generates personal income and distracts from giving quality time to Institution Building.

Boards should spend enough time for the Institutions as they build future citizens and qualifications to be a Board member should go beyond being belonging to a category like Alumni/Government/Faculty/SC- ST/ Male-Female/Society etc. .

T V Rao.

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Publications of T. V. Rao
Books by Talam Venkateswara Rao (T. V. Rao) Books by Dr. T. V. Rao 1.        HRD, OD and Institution Building: Essays in Memory of
Udai Pareek . New Delhi: Sage Response
Books, 2016 Edited jointly with Dr. Anil K Khandelwal 2.        Effective People : New ...

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TVRLS intends to help corporarates on CSR

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Happy Deepavali.

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Nice to remember Udai Pareek

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Unmissable Udai Pareek and PVR
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