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When properly aligned, all of your wheels are pointed in the same direction. Your vehicle will track true and handle the way it is designed. Kent drivers often associate our wheels being “knocked” out of alignment with an event like a major crash, hitting a pothole, curb or some other object. While these can certainly take your wheels out of alignment, the bumps and bounces of everyday Kent driving take their toll on wheel alignment as well. Your car can lose alignment over time with just normal driving.

When your wheels are out of alignment, the team of automotive professionals at Central Avenue Automotive in Kent can return your wheels to the factory settings. Most owners’ manuals suggest an inspection every year or two.

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Over the river and through the woods we are getting excited about spending time with friends and family this holiday season. make sure your Car or truck is ready for the trip.

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Are you ready for winter?

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 When it’s raining the roads are slick you’re driving down Kent Kangley and the car in front of you decides at the last minute to turn into the Starbucks you know the one on east hill right next to Kent Meridian High school that’s when your life flashes before your eyes and you realize how important your brakes are. If you've ever had your brakes go out while you're driving down highway 18 into Auburn, you know how terrifying it can be.  So let’s focus on how to tell when you have a brake problem, and how to make good repair choices.

Sometimes but not always, the first indication that something's wrong with the brakes is an unusual sound. It could be a squeal, chatter or grinding sound by this time it’s usually done damage to the brake rotors and even possibly the calipers especially if you drive a Ford that does not have wear indicators on their pads.

Most cars brake pads have a little piece of metal embedded in them that will make a annoying  squeal sound when the brake pads have been worn down to the point that they need to be replaced.
When you hear that sound, it’s time to have your brakes inspected right away at Central Avenue Automotive.

Some sounds are more urgent a chattering sound usually indicates that something is loose. It could be worn or loose brake hardware or a defective brake pad or even a brake caliper. If one of those parts fails, you could have some serious trouble stopping the vehicle and you might become one of the pesky accidents that everyone stops and looks at on Central Avenue right in front of Aukeen district court like the one this morning and it back traffic all the way up to Renton and the other direction into Auburn..

A grinding noise typically is an indication that the brake pad is completely worn away and the metal back of the brake pad is now rubbing directly on the brake rotor. That means the rotor is being damaged and will most likely need to be replaced. Brakes are one item on the car the longer you wait the worse it gets.
Other warning signs are that your brakes may be having issues if the pedal feels soft and spongy this is a indication that you are having a hydraulics issues or something is leaking – or it may even feel very hard to push this is a indication that your power assist is starting to fail. Either one could mean trouble. And of course if you are driving a newer vehicle like a Chevy Silverado or a Range rover, you may get a dashboard brake warning light.

When it comes time for your technician at Central Ave Auto to replace the brake pads on the minivan the work truck or the hot rod you will have a choice to make. You can get the same pads that came standard on your vehicle. You can expect the same performance and durability as with the pads that came on the car from the factory in a lot of cases like on a Ford E 250 or a Dodge Caravan or many Chrysler products they don’t last as long as you would think and on most cars they do not fall under the warranty parameters that you would expect We have worked on a lot of 1 year old vehicles with less than 20,000 miles and the brakes are worn out.

 Sometimes we have customers that drivers insist on lower cost pads. That's no problem at Central Avenue Automotive we are able to help most customers no matter what the budget is we offer a good better and best brake pad service every one of these services is equal to or better than the original parts that came on the car, There are some brake pads that we do not offer. Lower grade pads are usually noisier, so you'll have to live with more noise when you apply the brakes and your friends and neighbors will always know when your close by so if your trying to sneak up to the soccer game that you are late to at Tahoma High Scholl good luck . They also tend to generate a lot more brake dust, that nasty black dust that accumulates on your wheels. And they typically won’t last as long either. In our opinion, that's a lot of compromise for just a few dollars in savings.

You can also choose to buy they premium brake pads at Central Avenue Automotive. These perform at higher specifications than the factory pads. You will get quieter operation, less brake dust and better stopping power.

 If you have any of these warning signs, don’t wait have Central Avenue Automotive in Kent perform your free brake inspection today or if you are ready for your oil service we perform the inspection at the same time as well as a tire rotation and complete vehicle inspection. Our service advisors can help you make the repair decision that's right for you.
Central Avenue Automotive
1514 Central Avenue South Ste. A
Kent, WA 98032

When you bring your vehicle into Central Avenue Automotive in Kent, we don't just poke around under your hood each vehicle receives a thorough comprehensive inspection by an ASE master technician. Central Avenue Automotive technicians have lists and procedures they follow for different types of vehicles.  We use a state of the Art electronic inspection and documentation process with pictures and video tailored to your make and model of vehicle.  At our Kent service center we will note the mileage on your vehicle. Then we check to see what inspections and services the OE manufacture recommends for a vehicle of your make, model and mileage but since every vehicles lifestyle is different  for example we might have a Honda odyssey that dives the kids to soccer practice at star fire in Tukwila and another Odyssey that is used as a plumbers van and is loaded with tools and materials even though these were identical vehicles when they were built they both have very different needs and that’s the difference that you will find at Central Automotive in Kent  We follow the manufactures service schedule and then our expert technicians perform the inspection and will tailor the vehicle service needs to your vehicle.
 For our regular customers we will have documentation of all vehicle needs in the future as well as thorough record of the vehicles past supported with photos and a digital inspection this allows us to drill down the service process to the customer’s needs.
Our typical inspections will, that we do while we are servicing your vehicle the master technicians at Central Ave Auto will check belts, hoses, brakes, filters ,fluids we will also inspect your engine computer for fault codes We also inspect your tires steering and suspension all of you lighting we even check your windshield wipers for wear.  Then our highly skilled service advisers will help you develop a vehicle life plan so you know if there's an urgent problem that needs taken care of, get it taken care of and will know about problems that might be developing in the future, and with our digital inspection our customers will have online access to their digital inspection records weather you live in Kent, Auburn or Maple Valley or Covington weather you drive a BMW or a Mini cooper we will have you covered. We have more than 200 years of combined automotive service experience and have helped thousands of our customers develop   services are in order, you are given options based on driving needs and budget.
An easy way to think about it can think of it like a trip to the dentist for a check-up. The dentist will do a thorough exam and take x-rays. Then the hygienist will clean your teeth and check your gums. At the end, the dentist comes in and inspects your teeth. You'll be told if you need any work done, about problems that are developing, and if anything is urgent.  You will be presented with different care options and recommendations.
This helps you make sure your teeth are in good working order just like your car.  At Central Avenue Automotive in Kent we do it the same the same way. We want  our clients to have worry free driving  and to be able to make informed decisions about their vehicles because none of us want to be one of those blocking disabled vehicles on I405 or HWY 167 on your way home to Auburn.

Preventative maintenance is a lot like dental check-ups, as well. Small problems can develop into big ones. A cavity becomes a root canal. A dirty filter becomes engine damage. Skipping regular inspections or “check up’s” for either your teeth or your vehicle can lead to costly repairs.

 We are always hear to help call us any time 253-854-6762 or visit us at 1514 s central in Kent or on the web at

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Our roads in South king county are some of the worst in the country yesterday I was on my way to Kent from Auburn driving down Central Avenue south and when I got to the stop light at 272 I hit a pot hole so big It bounced the coffee right out of my cup holder. Later that day I was on my way going up 256th on east hill and I noticed that my car was now pulling to the right that pot hole knocked my car out of alignment.  Its fairly easy to see if you have an alignment problem if your car drifts or pulls to one side, the steering wheel's off center, or if you notice uneven tire wear or the car doesn't feel like it handles right as you drive around South King Co. If you are on one the freeway a good one would be hwy 167 between Kent and Renton if you loosely hold your steering wheel your car should track straight. 

When all of a vehicle's wheels are lined up exactly with each other, your wheels are in alignment. Running into potholes, smacking a curb or other objects around Kent, WA are great ways to knock a car out of alignment. Then one or more of your wheels starts pulling in a slightly different direction and the problems begin.

Our Team Central Avenue Automotive in Kent wants you to know that driving for a extended time when your car is out of alignment will causes your tires to wear unevenly and excessively. Eventually the tires will be so worn that they will fail.
At the very least, drivers with wheels out of alignment will have to replace their tires sooner. You will end up with premature wear to your suspension system,
The front wheel alignment is adjustable on all vehicles, and the back wheels are also adjustable on some cars.

Now, let's talk about some alignment basics.
Wheels are adjustable for toe, caster and camber. The perfect alignment for your car was designed by its engineers.

So what's involved when it’s time for a alignment check at Central Avenue Automotive in Kent?
 The First thing we do is a thorough inspection  of the steering and suspension to see if anything loose bent or broken Tire condition will also be inspected.
The next thing we do is install our state of the art Hoffman alignment machine and we take digital measurement of the vehicles alignment. 
If all four wheels are adjustable, they are lined up perfectly parallel with the vehicle's center-line.
 If the back wheels aren't adjustable, the direction they push is determined and the front wheels are aligned to match.

Like most things on your Vehicle manufactures have a recommended mileage interval for having alignment checked.
 But if you run into a curb, pothole or something else that's given you a big jolt, pay attention to whether your vehicle is pulling to one side when you drive around the Auburn and Kent area traffic on HWY 18 on your way to Maple Valley or Covington or if you are going south to Federal Way can be very scary with all of the road construction the roads are so narrow you want your vehicle to hold the line that you chose your life may depend on it.
 Vehicle owners should have their Alignment checked at least 2 times a year as part of your routine maintenance     before waiting to see if there is uneven tire tread wear – by then, the damage is done.
Getting your alignment checked at Central Avenue Automotive when you are having your oil changed  is a great way to extend the life of your tires and suspension parts increase fuel mileage and enhance your driving experience . It also makes sure that your tire meets the road properly for maximum performance and safety as you Travel on your way to Seattle or Sumner or where ever your busy schedule takes you.
Come see us at for more information about your tire alignment or any of your vehicle needs whether its lifted our lowered we have the team and the technology to handle anything from a BMW to a Ford F-350. We look forward to serving you.

Central Avenue Automotive
1514 Central Avenue South Ste. A
Kent, WA 98032

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Auto Insurance And Driverless Cars
We all have to pay our auto insurance premiums it seems that every year they go up and the service goes down and we see the humorous commercials on television, Flo trying to sell insurance. I was hit by someone that has Progressive and it was not a pleasant experience they were slow and very difficult to deal with. Makes me wonder what  will become of auto insurance when self-driving cars become the normal?  Consider these facts:
• Self-driving cars should mean accidents would drop to about 1%.

• The liability should move from the drivers’ to the cars’ software system or automaker.

• Consumers would still need insurance but more to cover theft and damage from mother nature.

Mercedes, Volvo and Tesla are already working towards crash-avoidance systems several truck manufactures already have self-driving trucks.  It is predicted that in a few years if we adopt self-driving cars, personal auto insurance firms will shrink considerably…maybe to half the size they are now I don’t think any of us would be too sad about that unless you’re an agent. Can you Imagine driving down Central Ave in Kent and you are reading the paper or can actually put on your makeup without using your legs to steer, Or your on you way to south center and you can type a E mail or on you way to Portland on I5 and you can watch a movie.    
Please call us with any questions at 253-854-6762 or visit our website at
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Thanks to all of our Great Angies list customers

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Vehicle alignments helps your tires last longer, can help improve gas mileage and provides tighter handling to give you and your passengers a better ride and safer ride. A alignment inspection and service can keep you worry free and your vehicle on the road longer.
Is Your Vehicle Pulling left or right? Your vehicle is Telling You Something
Rough roads, potholes we all know how bar the roads are in Kent or anywhere in the Seattle area and the occasional smacking of a curb don’t just make for an uncomfortable ride; they can knock your wheels out of alignment. Misaligned wheels can pull your vehicle to one side and cause you to constantly correct your steering. If your vehicle pulls to one side consistently when you apply your brakes, it could be an alignment issue. As regular maintenance you should align your vehicle once a year. Without proper alignment can also cause a “shimmy” or vibration in your steering wheel when your wheel is shaking every part between your steering wheel and your tires is also shaking. Wheels that are out of alignment can also cause uneven tire wear and can do severe damage to your tires quickly. Uneven tires wear out more quickly and don’t grip the road properly; especially in bad weather and with the amount of rain that we get in Western Washington you need all of the traction you can get. .A Vehicle that is out of alignment will cost you time and money. 
Straight Talk and Straighter Wheels
The highly trained technicians at Central Avenue Automotive are the best in the area when it comes to your car . After a quick discussion with your service adviser our ASE master technicians will conduct wheel angle measurements using our state of the art Hoffman digital alignment system. These wheel angle measurements will show quickly whether your wheels are within the alignment settings specified by your vehicle manufacturer.  If they don’t match the recommendations your technician will quickly perform adjustments to all 4 wheels to get thing set straight. Whether you are driving a BMW or a Lifted F-250 or a slammed Subaru Central Avenue Automotive has you covered.  
        How Often Should I Check my Alignment?
Many vehicle manufacturers now recommend Alignments as part of your regular scheduled maintenance but one thing is for sure our roads in Kent and Auburn even Covington are so rough and poorly maintained that we suggest that you have your Alignment check at least once a year, This is a quick service that can be done at the same time you get your oil changed and tires rotated. But because alignment issues are often a result of a incident, like a falling hard in to a pothole or hitting a curb or debris in the road this will knock your car or truck out of alignment. You should have   your alignment checked

Signs you may need an alignment
1 your car pulls to either side
2 steering wheel is not straight
3 You have a vibration
4 your tires are wearing uneven
5 you fuel mileage has dropped 
If you have any questions please call or schedule your appointment at 
Central Avenue Automotive. 1514 central Ave S 253-854-6762 
Or you can book online at

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You should have your brakes checked each time you have the oil changed.... To prevent this. We offer a free brake inspection and tire rotation with every oil service.
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