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Udacity CS373 Class
Udacity CS373 - Programming a Robotic Car Class
Udacity CS373 - Programming a Robotic Car Class

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Certificates have gone out! Check your e-mails!

Also remember - if you did not have time to finish the course the first time, or if you want a higher grade - you can take it again. It's now self-paced, so no pressure of deadlines, you can learn at your own speed!

So, the grading robots have done their work! You can expect your certificates to arrive some time next week.

The final exam has been posted!

Grading for the final will be different than the homework grading has been.
You will receive immediate feedback on your responses (but we won't tell you the correct solution until after the exam is due).

This will let you correct any mistakes and ensure that the final exam is an assessment and learning opportunity.

We hope you have enjoyed the ride with us!

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Improving this would be a great after-graduation project for cs373!

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Here is a visualization framework for Python, that can be used in class as well. Made by forum user dov:

The EuclideanGeometryViewer (or Euv for short) is a python module for displaying 2D graphics animation. It is based on the concept of frames, which is composed of a number of geometrical objects.

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Awesome demo for CS373 *Unit 4*, video of usage can be seen here - Udacity Unit 4 demo with A* Search implemented and different heuristics

And here is the program itself:

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Some math for HW3-4
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