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I am a knitting fool!
I am a knitting fool!
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I am working on 2 projects right now. One is a Scrap Scarf that uses fingering weight yarn and another that is a blanket that is knit with VERY bulky weight yarn. 
It is very odd going from one project to another! giggle

I am wanting to start a scarf. I need to CO 600 (you read that right) sts. How does one do this without doing it long tail and having to CO 1000x's?!

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Till a few mins ago I was working on my Xenia shawl. That was before I noticed something wasn't right. I counted sts and there is my error. The only bad thing is it has a knitted on edge and i had it well over 1/2 done (with the sts that i had). To get the shawl portion the right # of sts i would have to tink out the edge and rejoin the yarn that I was using for the main body.
(I did lay it out to see if it would block right and it will NOT.)
Frog pond tomorrow!

Hi spinners! I have been spinning for a few years but have only just really gotten into it. I am trying to learn how to spin even and get thinner than DK weight yarn and more yardage. ;)
I have a Babe Fiber Starter wheel!

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Hi everyone! My name is Nacole and I love to knit the most! I do crochet and...well lets just say if its crafty I do it or have done it! lol 
Feel free to add me to your circles.
FYI I sale on etsy so you will see some posts about new items I have listed. (Not often tho)

My #secretsanta   is under Nicole. Just look for my geisha picture!

I just sent in my #secretsanta   wishlist! 
I filled out the form with my info. Is there anything else I need to do?

My G+ knitting hangout crew! 
You all know who you are!

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This is the Ocoee Whitewater Center in Tenn from 1996 when the Olympics was here in Georgia! 
We go there every year. My hubby took this picture back in 2010!

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Did you know its #NationalShareYourCrushDay ?
Here is mine!
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