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James Farren
Hi I am a 43 year old man Who now beleives in ghosts
Hi I am a 43 year old man Who now beleives in ghosts
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This is my first Blog
Ever wounder if you have seen a ghost? I'm gonna share my story with you.
About 22 years ago when I was 20 My neighbor who was 15 talked me in to going to the adbandoned Monistary with him. Its called Saint Augustine (its long since gone). Its soppose to be haunted. Story is a monk went crazy and murdered everyone in the Monistary even a few kids. It was a hot normal summer day so I figured why not lets go. We drove up to the place and suddenly It loomned at you like this evil creature, most the windows were boarded up, roof caveing in, We looked for a few minetes and decieded to go in. We was walking around for a few minetes when a young black boy walks up to us and asks us what we doing? I looked at the boy and said we ghost haunting. The boy smiled and asked us if we found any? We told him not yet we just got here. The boy said hi Im Urasmas. The boy was dressed strange had jeans on but not like any you see most kids wear. He had a rope as a belt. You could tell he was poor. The boy said he knows this building want him to show us around? We said sure why not. We walked around from room to room to room for hours heard strange noises but never saw a ghost. It was getting late and I had to go to work so we decieded it was time to leave. Urasmas walked us to the door and said bye. I said its getting late can i drive you home or to a bus or anything? Urasmas said drive? I said yes in my car. Urasmas said Oh. No thanks. A strange feelling came over me like I didnt wana leave this boy in the Monistary. I cant exsplain it. Urasmas looked at me and kinda knew what I was feelling and said to me You said you got to go to work You should go You will see me again.
This story wouldnt be so interesting unless what happened to me last monday didnt happen. Its been over 20 years since I even though about that day. Sunday night my son came home with free passes to see a band playing in long island. The mistrider's He asked me to go. I was thinking at my age I'm gonna go to a club? But i figured I should go take my son. He wouldnt of asked if he didnt want me to go.
We get to the club and I see the Guitarist of the Mistrider's Tsani Steel setting up the sound and lights. I was surprized to see this. but he went on doing his thing as if noone was watching him. Little while later the opening band The Puppy cummers came on. Cute band younger guys (anyone under 30 these days seem like kids to me). Then The Mistrider's Took the stage, They opened with Jukebox hero. I was thinking Great a cover band just my luck. I quickly changed my mind. They started with Jukebox hero, then went in to some orginal works Very good I was surprized I was enjoying the band so much Then they switched back to jukebox hero and The guitarist Tsani Steel went in to this solo that was right up there in quality with Jimmy Page or hendrix, I found myself screaming even. Then the crowd starts to scream SHEET SHEET SHEET SHEET im what?? comming down the middle of the club was a old metal pedal car corvette All fixed up with underneath lights and all. It came closer and WAS A SHEET DRIVEING IT! I asked my son wtf? He laughed and said it was The Mistrider's light show. The car came driveing around doing wheelies and peel outs It was kinda funny. The car came near my son and I. It stoped The light show looked at me. I was ummm huh? Then the "Light show" (we all know better by now) Pulls his sheet off and says to me I told you we would meet again. It was the boy Unchanged that I met over 20 years ago It was Urasmas still a young boy smileing at me Now This is when I started to have to say I BELEVE IN GHOSTS.
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