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Digital Marketing Tips for Live Events!

In this series we will talk about all types of digital marketing to promote your event.

We look at using all the popular social platforms and give you ideas as to how you can utilize them for ticket sales, building your audience and even how you will be able to use these platforms to market your next years event.

Heck, we even cover things like finding out what type of event you will want to create and sadly, we look at what you will want to analyze to decide if you are in a place to even create an event yet.

Here is the intro video and if you check out the playlist you will see, we are already popping out more videos.

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How To Make Your FaceBook Page Header a Video -

Checkout our NEW Facebook Header Video...
This is a Facebook Header How To...may be the 1st in history...share it with your fiends who want their Facebook Page to stand out! (Must be on desktop to view)

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Excuses for not doing videos -

Excuses are like...ooops, you know the saying. I am going to be debunking some of the common excuses I hear as to why people say they can't make videos.

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If you are looking for ways to get reach on your Facebook Business Page, you may have thought about using LIVE video, but maybe you don't want to go to all that trouble of actually being live...

Polls on Facebook Live videos have been HOT...but should you use them?

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Data can be very expensive and it can also be spotty at times....well, Twitter India knows how you feel and they have found a found a way to save you data when using Twitter -

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What is YouTube TV?

We are seeing more and more people cutting the cable and going online for all the things we use to watch on tv. Now, we head for on demand rather than tuning in at a networks chosen time.

In fact, I just worked with someone who is not fighting with a network, they ate taking their show right to the web and skipping the bullshit of networks.

Taking what could have been a TV show and broadcasting it themselves..on demand, online!

It is the way of the future...actually it is the way NOW!

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How important is having your YouTube channel page set up properly?

Just look at why these examples of channels who did not set up their home page are missing out -

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My Social Proof Fail is real!

When we are so busy helping others that we forget to do things for ourselves.

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Some times you just have to go all out on trying something new. No point in trying a million things if you aren't going to give any of them a real chance.
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