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Want to switch from the new YouTube layout to the old layout?
Of course you do, the new one is crap, but you can fix it with just a few clicks!

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+Hot Blog Tips on YouTube has hit a milestone & we would like to say Thank You to everyone one who helped us get there!

We did our 1st Hangouts on Air on July 1, 2012 and boy did it suck. We had very few examples of how people were using the platform as it was brand new. We couldn’t even do the HOA as a page, we had to record on a personal channel/page and then download and reupload to the brand channel.
Oh if we only knew then what we do now. LOL

Since those early days, this poor channel has been moved, used, abused an ignored, yet we still get views.

Thanks to everyone who has watched our videos, shared and commented…we couldn’t have done it without YOU!

If you haven't checked out the How To's on the channel - Go ahead and do it now!

ps. It is ok to make make comments about the "robot voice"...everyone else does. LOL

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The UTM FTW Chrome Extension is easy to use.

If you are not tracking your marketing efforts, then you may be wasting time and money in a space that is showing little or no return.

Find out where your best clicks are coming from, so you can increase effort in those areas! With the UTMftw Extension, your tracking will be organized to suite your needs and way of thinking!

If you are not sure what a UTM code is and why you should be using 'How UTM Codes can Improve Your Marketing'

Go on...get started now!
How to use the UTMftw Chrome Extension

If you downloaded the UTMftw Chrome Extension last week, then you will definitely want to watch this second video with +David Kutcher on how to use the extension effectively to track your links.

Amazing how much information David and I can cram into 15 minutes!

Want more videos like this? Subscribe to RCUW

Ok, so got invited to create Google Groups.

The group I created looks just like the old Google Forums.

Are they getting rid of G+ Communities and going to groups now?



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Make a gif in just a few clicks!

Want to make a gif to add to your post, but you just don't know how or maybe tutorials make it seem way to complicated?

Well, here is an easy and free way you can make a gif like the one below!

Here is an easy to follow Hot To Make a Gif with this free tool!

Easy to Use Gif Maker -

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The beavertail cactus by my shed is blooming and I got a time lapse video of it.

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Thanks to time lapse can spend the day looking over my shoulder.
No shoes required & I even brought popcorn!

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Why you should plan your videos for use as micro-content for those micro-moments!


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I have been working with some time lapse video of my cactus blooming. Here you see Zoie helping me out, but at the link below you can see the time lapse video of the flower opening and then closing.

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You want to get more speaking gigs?
Start with these simple tips!
From making sure your website is talking to the right people to having the best kind of testimonials...oh and how is your speakers reel?

Checkout the tips -
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