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Kaycee Crow
coffee is my life source!
coffee is my life source!

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A short album on our first New York mobile production studio trip. 

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Ahhh! Springtime!

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Jbird...this girl hates me! she chases me every time she gets out of cage.

HAPPY HUMP DAY....pretty exciting day for me...Today is my last day of work here!! Taking the rest of the week to finish off the packing and odd & ends stuff we haven't gotten around too...haven't told anyone until now (surprise!!) , who needs all that crappy sentimental bs of good-byes...besides..I don't believe in good-byes...that means forever and that's a mighty long time as Prince would say....bigger,brighter and better adventures await me in the fabulous city of Sin!! ;)

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the "joys" of moving has given me stress eye twitches...annoying!! Come on the official get on the road day!!

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Being a former driver...this man died a hero to me. God Bless his family. Another angel to watch over all my Driver friends. 

Happy Birthday Christina!!! :)

Even when you have papers on someone...doesn't mean it makes you right. Damn those papers! 
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