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The Santa Clara Water District has an ad campaign for dealing with the drought this summer. The tag line?

"Turn it off and get down with brown this summer!"

Apparently what they MEAN is letting the grass become brown. But really... one of the worst tag lines EVER.

#epicfail   #californiadrought  
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Get down with the brown sounds like they are talking about ale to my beer addled brain 
The Tesla Model S has been out since June 2012... more than two years... and has sold an enormous number of the vehicle. And only last week was the first person driving one or otherwise riding as a passenger was killed in one.

And no one's going to be making nasty comments about Tesla safety THIS time, as it was the result of a high speed chase in Los Angeles (of course!) after a Tesla stolen from a service center... one that ironically had already ENDED, but the thief was apparently in full flight mode.

And no, the car is not imbedded in the building in the picture below... that's just the back half wedged into the corner of the building. The moron driving managed to snap one of the better built cars in the world in HALF.

#teslamotors   #epicfail
Elon Musk can no longer say that no one's ever died in a Tesla automobile crash. But few people will be pointing fingers at the electric car maker for this senseless tragedy. Earlier this month,...

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+Matthew Inman rocks the internet... AGAIN.

This is why the big boys are so scared of net neutrality; one guy with a web comic has been sticking it to lawsuit trolls, saved the Long Island location of Tesla's laboratory, and now has a lot more than a tweet from Elon Musk (someone else who benefitted from net neutrality).

Happy Birthday, Nikola! You weren't appreciated enough in life, so I guess we'll just have to make it up to you.
So for jollies you load up your car with mini-fireworks displays in a box, drive to a non-fireworks county during a severe drought, stop at random spots throughout the town, light one off, and vamoose.

Are you being:

a) Patriotic
b) Whimsical
c) A used douchebag
d) A terrorist
e) Both C and D.


E; Because that's what people are when they set off explosive devices in other people's neighborhoods.

#fail   #epicfail   #useddouches   #fourthofjuly  

[Image is of such a box on the corner of Buena Vista and Paru in Alameda. And yes, I will call the APD and narc on your sorry asses, because I do not have a sense of humor at the idea of burning alive.]
Hey everyone, go mock this idiot. Here's my comment before it's deleted:

Wow, nice way to flag yourself as the biggest used douche on G+; "I don't care if a million kids and a million adults including everyone I love gets gunned down , will not change my mind". Nice of you to sacrifice all of those daughters and sons, mothers and fathers, friends and family, for all of the rest of us. And for a straw man argument -- no one is saying only the government has guns, just that maybe, just MAYBE, you could keep insane people from owning guns.

In other words you are unable to let got of your penile replacement, because of some insane phobia for a government that can take you and your little strap on dildos symbolic defense against a tyranny that we are no where NEAR at, even if it means we no longer have to live in fear of you forgetting to take your meds one day and seeing "feds" in the back of every school bus.

To hell with you sir. I dare say it: If you can't handle them, then you deserve to have them taken away, even if that means #repealthe2nd.

Think it can't happen? Keep it up, and watch it become inevitable in the next 20 to 30 years.
Intentionally setting up our kids to die in a few sacrifices to get gun control legislation passed isn't going to fool me into giving up gun rights. I don't care if a million kids and a million adults including everyone I love gets gunned down , will not change my mind . I will never lower myself to only allow government to have guns, there are millions on top of millions that have suffered that fate already. I refuse to disarm for any reason what so ever, just like anti gun people refuse to learn and accept history for what it is. Governments have no regards to human rights and will mass murder at will, mass murder being millions, not 1 person or 3 or 5 or even 26 people, but millions of people.
I find it disturbing that people think an object is to blame , not the person or prescribed drugs they were on. That is because Anti gun advocates are against what is convenient for them to be against, and are not against what would inconvenience them , if were banned. Doctors kill hundreds of thousand through malpractice, and the answer is to let government get involved that's responsible for killing millions. Vehicles are responsible for so much death, but since it would inconvenience their fat ass to walk then they don't blame vehicles and advocate to ban them. Or hammers, I read a report from a couple years ago that showed claw hammers killed more people then AR15's. Why don't we want to ban hammers? Why do they want to ban the only half ass defense we have against tyrannical government or an invader ? Its completely ok to be killed by an object that cannot defend the people against tyranny, but the ones that can ohhh well we need to ban those. Is that it? That's what it smells like. 
So, apparently there's this idea that, since the top 10% of wage earners in this country are paying 70% of all tax revenue, that means taxes too high, freedom, BENGHAZI!

I saw this talking point trotted out yet again during an argument over the IRS investigating tax exempt organizations for being political (and therefore taxable) organizations, and did some digging. It turns out that it's kinda true, but also beside the point.

Sure, the top 20% pay 70% of the total revenue that the government pulls in. Even if we only focus on the 1% we're looking at 36%. "Wow", most people would think, "that's a lot of money!"

Except it isn't when you look at how much money that 1% actually EARNS.

For example, I am a member of that 10% group paying into that 70%, and I pay nearly 42% of my income in taxes and such out of the around 200K a year our two income household pulls in.

However, income level are so compressed at the top that the 1%, even making upwards of 100 to a thousand times (or more) than I make in a year, only pay an effective tax of 16% on average.

So yeah, we need to at least double that tax rate, reduce taxes on the people who least can afford it, and make the corporate welfare queens at the top pay their fair share.

And meanwhile, stop acting all shocked that the IRS is actually doing it's job and targeting ALL 501(c)'s that are suspected of violating their tax free status.

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So, read the story. It details the shameful efforts of a company in tracking employee bathroom breaks by forcing them to swipe in and out of the bathroom (goddess help you if you've lost the card during a potty emergency!). As in, they're writing up and disciplining people for exceeding 30 minutes per WEEK (6 minutes in a given workday) of bathroom time.

But the name of the company pushes this story over the edge for me:

WaterSaver Faucet Co. and Guardian Equipment Inc.

Seriously?? The jokes write themselves...

#union   #1percentmindset   #fail  

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So, this happened; The GOP has a TLD!

Top level domains are that last chunk of your internet address, like .com, .net, and so on. The GOP decided since they have a TLA, why not make it into a TLD too?

It's already inducing hilarity. For example, it looks like they're filtering out any request for a domain name that includes the string "rape" in it (so is RIGHT OUT). It's kind of like the same bizarre filter that prevented fungus lovers from registering for YEARS.

So, the domains are 20.16 each (get it??) and the proceeds likely go toward the Greedy Old Psycho party, so it's likely not worth it to most of us to register a domain there... though it would be hysterical if anti-GOP sites started to pop up with that TLD.

I tried some domains for shiggles: works. failed, and succeed. failed, as did didn't work either, nor did, but DID. and failed, but the far more descriptive and amusing did.,,,,,,, (giggle... what am I, 12?), and all go through but failed.

On a similarly immature front I tried "" and got a shock... it was available, but would cost $5000.00 US. Fortunately you can save money by using or instead.

Damn, this IS kinda fun...

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Important iPhone (or any camera phone, for that matter) tip: Don't get too close to the monkeys.

After all: ...the iPhone was eventually recovered but was no longer working.
Forget Photoshop, what you're looking at is the real deal -- a Japanese Snow Monkey just chllin' in some water using an iPhone. The photo above (used

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Mazel Tov, bright blessing, and all around happy happy anniversary greetings! My vastly superior half, Roni, was at a lot of those earlier shows; I can't wait to show her this clip!

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Now actually in our seats at the "new" SAP center (sand old location mind you, just newly named).

Show is running a bit late... Now rumored to start at 8:15 PM. :-P
For over a decade I've been having the same damn thoughts, and have been freely expressed them here and elsewhere.

I get worried when people start agreeing with me at times, especially on THIS topic.

#kochsuckers   #republicant   #teabaggers  
Smart billionaires are worried. They see their own their own futures being endangered by the dumb billionaires.  Those who got rich by paying attention to trends — like Silicon Valley entrepreneurs… and Warren Buffett… are starting to see a truly scary prospect on the horizon.  Torches and pitchforks. Or one word that says it all (look it up).


The dire, freedom-wrecking consequences of wealth disparity were discussed long ago by Adam Smith. They were the root cause of both the French and American revolutions — one of which resolved the situation with moderation, the other with pain. And the tradeoff is starkly portrayed in an article by billionaire Nick Hanauer, on Politico.

“Our country is rapidly becoming less a capitalist society and more a feudal society. Unless our policies change dramatically, the middle class will disappear, and we will be back to late 18th-century France. Before the revolution.”  This kind of “smart billionaire” will be our secret weapon, in the fight for our Great Experiment to continue.
Memo: From Nick HanauerTo: My Fellow ZillionairesYou probably don’t know me, but like you I am one of those .01%ers, a proud and unapologetic capitalist. I have founded, co-founded and funded more than 30 companies across a range of industries—from itsy-bitsy ones like the night club I started in my 20s to giant ones like, for...
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