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I forgot how much I loved doing certain things. Like photography. I even have a knack at it when I don't overthink it too much.

This is a now abandoned chapel at the former alameda navel base. It just looks so forlorn and empty in a way only a place of even superficial spirituality can as the sun sets ... Oddly enough the only title that came to mind is so done to death that it's cliche. Usually titles are my strong point.

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Filed under "Oh HELL No!!":

9 feet long, and resulting in a 30 minute tug of war. And there are pics to prove it happened.

Dude, what the hell did you do in a former life to deserve THAT??
Here at Gizmodo, we like to welcome the holiday weekend with some chill, vacation-worthy content. Like this story about a dude in Thailand who almost got his dick bitten off by a massive python that crawled out of his toilet.

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Scary number: A video posted on a whim after buying a toy has garnered well OVER 140 million views since it was posted... last Thursday. May 19.

In less than a week this woman's honest delight (which is honestly delightful... it's hard not to break into a grin when she loses it), she's gotten more views then some major band music videos.

Fun fact: By sheer luck she happened to post the video on Peter Mayhew's birthday (the guy who plays Chewie), which led to an epic tweet and her meeting the actor. Geek mom for the WIN!!
CBS late night host James Corden surprised 'Chewbacca Mom' Candace Payne with the chance to meet Peter Mayhew, the actor behind the "Star Wars" creature, back in her home state of Texas.

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Posting this here so I remember to tell our resident GoT fanatic about this bizzarre combo:
One of the playable suspects is already dead in the show.

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Welp, this is something I've been trying to warn people of for many years now. However, much as it appears many people have encountered, we're called crazy or incompetent (and you can imagine the look I give when someone tries to tell me I must have configured my computer incorrectly!).

Hell, I wouldn't put it past the fruit co. to "helpfully" reduce the Time Machine backup size by retroactively removing the music files I no longer "needed".

(Though as I read his quote from the Terms o' Servicing, I suddenly heard South Park in my head, yet again; "Why won't it READ?!" :P )
What Apple considers a “match” [eligible for deletion from a user's hard drive] often isn’t. That rare, early version of Fountains of Wayne’s “I’ll Do The Driving,” labeled as such? Still had its same label, but was instead replaced by the later-released, more widely available version of the song. The piano demo of “Sister Jack” that I downloaded directly from Spoon’s website ten years ago? Replaced with the alternate, more common demo version of the song. What this means, then, is that Apple is engineering a future in which rare, or varying, mixes and versions of songs won’t exist unless Apple decides they do. Said alternate versions will be replaced by the most mainstream version, despite their original, at-one-time correct, titles, labels, and file contents.
“The software is functioning as intended,” said Amber. “Wait,” I asked, “so it’s supposed to delete my personal files from my internal hard drive without asking my permission?” “Yes,” she replied. …
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This is how to start a holiday weekend, with the lovely peaceful sunset over the asylum that is San Francisco. Love the restricted area sign in the foreground to give it that little extra feeling of maybe it's a bit too much crazy even for me.

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Damning op-ed by Shaun King, who (as he says):

Seven months ago I made a mistake. I took Hillary Clinton at her word concerning the never-ending scandal surrounding her email accounts. When she and Bernie debated all the way back in October, and Bernie famously said to her, "The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails," that was the nail in the coffin for me on the issue.

Since then, I haven't mentioned her email issues on social media or in a single column. She said everything was on the up and up. I believed her.

She lied.

Meanwhile, on a formerly progressive blog, some douche named Markos insists that, even if it isn't based on racism, a "superdelegate coup" by Sanders (as opposed to HRC, of course), is still a symptom of "white privilege". Jesus, how much of that billionaire's club money did this woman spread around to buy that much inexplicable loyalty??

#NeverHillary   #StillSanders   #bernieorbust  
Seven months ago I made a mistake. I took Hillary Clinton at her word concerning the never-ending scandal surrounding her email accounts.

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Signal boost for the WICN KTY vanity plates and a good cause!
I don't normally do these things, but a friend of mine needs some help getting her wheels rolling. If anyone can help her out, that would be awesome. I'm not rich people, so I can only throw $5 at the cause. Maybe if a few more can do the same, it would be a lot of help to a good human. :)
Help Angi Get Red Rolling. Angi's 2000 Explorer needs some repairs, but her fixed income makes this impossible. Angi is a disabled former EMT and vet tech, was highly active in TNR and fostering, and remains a champion for pet rescue and animal. Currently she cares for former fosters who were de...
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Yup... funny how they hoist themselves with their own arguments every other week. Must be what happens when one flip flops and "evolves" their stance every other year month week day minute.
There's this and the transcripts too.
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[Warning; If you think all I post are political rants or funny retorts, this post will likely depress you. Feel free to skip it.]

I have those weather widgets. You know the kind; They tell you what the current and five day conditions for location X is, where X ~= pretty much anywhere.

I have one for Baton Rouge. I don't "need" it any more, but I can't bring myself to delete.

You see, in January of this year, a very dear friend died suddenly and way too young. With everything else going on around me, it hasn't been until now that I can even dare to TRY to talk about it, refer to it, or even, to be honest, think about it.

Except every time I pull up the weather widgets. It's like a stinging of grapefruit juice to the eyes, or a sudden jerking sensation, like I was struck from behind on the freeway. A short, sharp shock to the system.

I know people I could reach out to to find out what the hell happened, but that's much further than this tentative attempt to beat myself into thinking about it. +Kim Fallon told me I should try writing about it. I think this would be, what, my 27th attempt? And it's the closest to a real fucking post.

I hadn't chatted with E (you'll see in a moment why I won't use her full name shortly) in a 2 years. In fact, our last chat is still on my phone, and ended well. We really did love one another. A lot. So much so I had to stay away as she tried to make things work with her husband.

There's a bit of irony there (and no, I don't need to be told that this "isn't irony) -- we stopped playing, even virtually, because her spouse had a heart attack. She was afraid she would lose him, and feared that she wasn't appreciating him as much as she should.

And so of course she was the one to die suddenly. To go away and leave all of us. She was an amazing person, and even before this I missed her terribly.

Thus the widget.

In some small way I found solace in knowing how her day was going, even if it was only the weather. "Oh, looks like thunder storms all this week!" "Crap, the humidity has to be horrible -- the temps are well over 90 today." "Wow, what a lovely day!"

I hate goodbyes. In that respect I suspect I am like The Doctor, who would tear the last page from a book so the story would never... COULD never... end.

I still have nicknames in my chat programs what will never appear "online" again. Linda Underhill died in 2003, but MommaHobbit and PastEdu are still there. There are others as well, each gone to that place where no amount of wifi signal will ever reach.

Eventually, the very application itself will become obsolete. Marcia, a friend of mine who died about 10 years ago, vanished when Apple dropped AIM support from But I didn't delete her account, and I didn't have to say "goodbye".

But at least there were memorials for her, and Linda, and others. As close as I was to E and as important as she is to me (that doesn't stop.

"Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while."

This sucks. It hurts. And I know it's just a matter of time, of processing.

And, in way too many ways, it feels like I haven't even started yet.

And right now, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it's pouring rain as the lightening flashes, and the thunder follows soon behind.

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So Kasich is about to drop out (considering he's so far back "also ran" is a compliment), making Trump the #GrandOldPsychos  nominee all the way. As I recently tweeted, "First we laughed at him... is this where we fight?"

The #GOP  is fucked, no matter what. Either the raw populist anger that Trump taps into permanently damages the party, or the GOP "leadership" (who may no longer be the bosses any more than Debbie Downer and the #DNC  are on the dem side) commits political suicide by refusing to let him run through whatever contorted rules they can concoct.

You know, like the democrats are doing to Bernie, only they were "smart" enough to set up the destruction of their party well in advance.

#bernieorbust   #neverhillary   #stillsanders  
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