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Because Google is too stupid to comprehend people with only one name.
Because Google is too stupid to comprehend people with only one name.

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Okay, he's ANIMATED the doodles on his FarceBook page, and while they number only 3, they are even BETTER:

The etiquette gremlin only narrowly edges out the bike lane for me. :P

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Skip Williamson meets Maurice Sendak in those after-the-shot photo doodles posted by someone who was really bored during the endless NYC Commutes; Care should be taken to note how one Donald Trump Drumpf is depicted, as NYC denizens and various refugees thereof (such as myself) have known of "The Donald" and his bullshit since the 70's, and we ain't buying it.

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So the #AltRightMeans  hash tag is trending on twitter, and much as I recently mentioned in response to one of +Valkyrie's comment trolls, people are too stupid to see a trap where one has clearly been laid. Idiots are pretty much admitting that they're racist nationalists who are terrified of losing their special elite privileges (curiously, even when they don't exist... but that's another topic).

An artist posted a classic "I know I am what are you" response (pro tip to #TrumpsterDivers  -- that really has to be the saddest form of political comeback ever) depicting Hillary as a Nazi.

Please note that the ONLY changes I had to make were to the large "H" on the light, plus tweaking the hair to more accurately reflect the classic corn cob combover. Notice that it looks a LOT more like Herr Drumph than Hillary. Subconscious guidance? Freudian slip?

Or just a crappy artist who, in his zeal to make Hillary as "fugly" as possible, accidentally verged on "Trump"? :P

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I remember this when it first aired... not surprised it was not aired since then. :P
This was on Saturday Night Live in 1998... but was only allowed to be aired once


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I normally HATE forced iOS upgrades. But here's a good reason why you should update to 9.3.5.

It's also the real reason government wants those back doors -- why spend a million dollars for a short lived (and now closed) exploit, when you have the master key? Well, the answer is because what's on my phone is NOT the government's business unless they can prove I committed a crime, and even then I cannot be compelled to provide access if the data is encrypted.

(Important note: While IANAL I do know that, at least in the US, a PIN or password can not be compelled... but touch ID MIGHT be. The choice is to either switch back to using PINS or separately encrypting anything you want to keep private on your phone with a passphrase or PIN. Or not keep anything on the phone that would be an issue... though those lines are always shifting. :P)


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So when I often hear conversations about corporate welfare, it tends to be about how the employees are so underpaid that the government and charity has to take up the slack. This food drives and food stamps for Walmart employees.

This article points out an even LARGER social cost of Walmart in the form of crime. It's as if Walmart wants to be a corporate super storm with a third world open market mentality.

Personally, if it's that bad perhaps municipalities can start stick Walmart with the bills. THAT should scare Walmart straight... or they'll spend ten times as much money lobbying to block local control. :P

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Damn it, I already think Ms. Stefani is great, and then....

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She was hysterical on @Midnight, and I admit my mom just getting off of Chemo herself may have tweaked my sense of charity.

Oh, who am I fooling -- I'm just an overly empathic sucker born every minute. :P

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About to see Jackson Browne at the San Jose City National Civic Center with +Kim Fallon. Row E for the WIN!
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From the #unfortunatename dept:

Roni received this flyer today. The first pic is above the fold... When you go below the fold we meet the CEO. And marvel at the sense of humor reality has sometimes.
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