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Cynthia Hinson
Architectural preservationist living in Bordeaux, France
Architectural preservationist living in Bordeaux, France

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Here's a look at one of the most interesting building types in France - the  precursor to the Laundromat. 

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Les Lavoirs
I seem to spend a lot of time writing about religious architecture, but churches and abbeys
aren’t the only interesting buildings here in France. In fact, it’s the small, often-overlooked structures that intrigue me the most. Take for instance, lavoirs ,

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And yet another beautiful abbey with a fascinating history....

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The Abbey of St. Michael de Cuxa
Unlike the Priory of Serrabone, which is perched high on a
hillside, the Abbey of Saint Michel de Cuxa sits in a valley at the base of
Mount Canigou, one of the highest peaks in the Pyrenees. Currently home to a
small group of Benedictine monks, St Michael’...

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I know it's been a long time. 'Hope you're still out there and are ready for another post. 

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Knocking on Heaven’s Door
It's been so long since my last post that I bet you thought archi-trouve was gone for good. The truth is that we've been traveling almost non-stop this year and there hasn't been much time to write. But today, when I realized that it had been over two month...

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Today's post concludes my description of the Alhambra. And hopefully, now that I'll be moving on to a new subject, I'll be able to get the Alhambra Moors' fight song out of my head.  "We are the Moors from Alhambra High..."

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An Oriental Palace
Because we talk about the Alhambra, in singular form,
it sounds as if it’s one building. But the Alhambra was actually a royal city,
a fortified complex of palaces, mosques, schools, workshops and farms capable of supporting 40,000 people. Not surprisingly,...

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I had wanted to visit the Alhambra for years and when I finally had the opportunity I wasn't disappointed. 'Hope you won't be either.

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The Middle of Paradise
"Leave me in Granada in the middle of paradise where my soul wells with poetry: Leave me until my time comes and I may intone a fitting song..." José Zorrilla For the next couple of weeks  archi-trouve  will be moving to Granada to report on the Alhambra - ...
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