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This is how the 60th anniversary deluxe edition of the Lord of the Rings will look like. Gorgeous design!! Especially the transparent slipcase is a fresh approach. Maybe it even will be the hallmark of the new deluxe editions as well.

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Just learned there will be a new illustrated edition of "The adventures of Tom Bombadil" available on october, 9. A couple of hours ago Wayne G. Hammond & Christina Scull revealed the cover. 

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Finally in my collection. :) Taken from my Instagram. 

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As probably all of you know, yesterday the Beowulf translation has been released. What confused me (and possibly others as well) after I heard the news of this edition is the fact that Michael Drout has been working on a similar book and what their relation may are. Long story short, Christopher Tolkien withdrew the permission and did it himself. Nonetheless Michael Drout's personal story in regard to the Beowulf is interesting.

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Hey guys. Yesterday my new illustrated Hobbit-edition has been delivered. +Jemima Catlin did a great job and I'm sure most of us here love her work. I took some photos so you all can enjoy its beauty. I hope +Jeremiah Burns doesn't mind as he wanted to take some daylight photos as well. 
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This is the 2012 deluxe slipcase edition of the German Hobbit version. One of the most beautiful editions I have ever seen. 
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Hey guys,
today I stumbled over a very interesting and rare Hobbit translation. Last year Prof. Dr. Eduard Werner of the University of Leipzig translated 'The Hobbit' into Sorbian, which is a minority language spoken in eastern Germany. Funnily enough I was born in one of the cities, where the language is very strong. So it was a nice thing to see that people still care about old and/or small languages.
If you wanna get yourself a rare translation this might be worth considering.
PS: Neither do I know the translator, nor do I receive any money for this. Haha!

Hey guys, sharing the latest Roverandom edition today gave my the idea to open a discussion or at least encourage people to share some photos of their 'best' books. 
I'm a keen collector (read my collector's profile at +Tolkien Library ) myself and would love to see other people's books and talk about them. Any thoughts on that?

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Latest addition to my collection. The 2013 hardback edition of 'Roverandom'. I hope the photos can give enough credit. 
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