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Luke Seymour

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Me every damn day...
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Yeah, but at least they woke up to say, "fuck." Perhaps the next day they get out of bed to throw the alarm clock. Before they know it, they will actually be up early to exercise or whatever.
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Luke Seymour

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Chandra Flashback of the Day – Centaurus A Arcs: Arcs Tell The Tale Of A Giant Eruption
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Luke Seymour

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I built two computers this week. This one is mine. :D
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Luke Seymour

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Discovery: First Earth-sized Planet Orbiting in Habitable Zone of Another Star

Congrats to Elisa Quintana, SETI Institute research scientist and lead author of the paper confirming the first Earth-sized planet orbiting in the habitable zone of a star other than the Sun. Read all about this milestone discovery here:
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Luke Seymour

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+Luke Seymour AHH shit...  LOL
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Luke Seymour

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I remember reading that the average Walmart cost the community $900k in welfare for its employees, but averages 100m in profit...
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I would hold out until after the stock drops.  ^_^
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Luke Seymour

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Joy, joy, joy!

Got my S5 in the mail today! Woohoo!
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Luke Seymour

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SAT peports
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  • Huntington Ingalls Industries
    Chemist I, 2013 - present
    Analytical Chemist; •Perform QA/QC tasks related to ensuring operations are within allowed specifications •Utilize ICP; GC/MS; UV-vis; FTIR
  • The University of Southern Mississippi
    Research Associate, 2012 - 2012
    Synthetic Inorganic Chemist; • Synthesis and characterization of novel ligands for use as precursors in the preparation of water oxidation catalysts • Synthesis and characterization of mixed-metal binuclear photocatalysts for the production of H2 and O2 from water (artificial photosynthesis), containing ruthenium(II) and cobalt(II)/cobalt(III) metal centers. • Research contributions resulted in supervisor receiving an NSF Career grant of $530,000 • Utilization of ESI MS; FTIR; NMR; CV; UV-vis; TLC • Brought lab into compliance with waste disposal protocol • Trained, mentored, and supervised undergraduates • Kept lab fully operational while supervisor was away at conferences • Kept meticulous lab notebook • Utilization of ChemDraw, Origin, EndNotes, Office 2010, SciFinder, ACD Spectrus, Epsilion EC, LXQTune, Omnic, Olis, and IconNMR software.
  • RespirTek
    Research Associate, 2011 - 2012
    • Product testing to determine percent biodegradability under specific conditions • Wastewater treatment studies to determine effects of compounds on bacteria contained in wastewater • Bioremediation studies to determine biological activity of bacteria during site cleanup • Helped perform the following methods: ASTM E 1720, ASTM D 5210, ASTM D 5338 ASTM D 5864, OECD 208, OECD 301B, OECD 311, SM 9215 • Oversaw projects as GLP study director • Utilization of GC, TOC/TIC, Respirometer • Performed routine maintenance and calibrations on analytical equipment to reduce variance • Updated company website using validated HTML 5/CSS 3 with Search Engine Optimization as highest priority. • Wrote and Revised SOPs • Complied with non disclosure agreements • Complied with ISO certification guidelines
  • Sound Shop
    3rd Key Manager, 2003 - 2003
    • 3rd-key Manager and related responsibilities • Cashier and related responsibilities • Inventory Control • Troubleshooting Register problems and other technical issues • Communicated with Vendors
  • Munro Petroleum
    Assistant Manager/Manager in Training, 1997 - 2002
    • Assistant Manager and related responsibilities • Cashier and related responsibilities • Attendant and related responsibilities • Inventory Control • Troubleshooting Register problems and other technical issues • Provided support for management to resolve internal issues and conflicts • Provided management with goal oriented advice • Communicated with Vendors • Performed manual tank monitoring and reported any volumes of water present
  • CDI Marine
    Computer Programmer, 1999 - 1999
    • Converted FoxPRO databases into pseudocode • Wrote Access 97 databases based on pseudocode • Wrote short Javascripts for discs distributed to clients • Worked with a partner in a team environement
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June 11
I am a science-minded person, realist, leftist.
I am a science-minded person with extensive knowledge of computers and a love for chemistry and physics..

I am a life long learner. 

I post things publicly that are science related or funny.  If you want to be circled into my atheism posts, you have to let me know!
Bragging rights
I am an analytical chemist.
  • University of Southern Mississippi
    Chemistry, 2006 - 2011
    Minor in Computer Science
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
    Applied Science, 1999 - 2005
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I had been searching for a heat sink to fit an LGA 775 socket motherboard. This gentleman showed me two options he had available and gave sufficient information about both without me having to ask a bunch of questions. Not only did he know his stuff, but he was not condescending like other tech guys seem to be. I will definitely recommend this place to others.
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