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I think it was funny.

I don't think a woman exposing her breasts should be illegal either. - Woman reported for flashing Google Street View car in South Australia
By BBC Newsbeat. April 2, 2015. 

Institutionalised sexual repression:

• Flirtation and "lascivious banter" between men and women on the streets may result in a 30-day jail term. (in Little Rock.)

• It's illegal to sell stuffed items resembling breasts ("boobie pillows") within 1000 feet of a highway.
• No man shall dress as a woman without the written permission of the sheriff. (In Walnut, CA)

• Married couples (as well as singles) cannot engage in open "lewdness or lascivious behavior"

• The term "sadomasochistic abuse" is defined so broadly, that it could possibly be applied to a person handcuffing another in a clown suit.
• All sex toys are banned.

• It is illegal for a man to be sexually aroused in public.

• Kisses may last for no more than five minutes.

• Illegal "sodomy" includes oral sex, but anal penetration with a finger is allowed under specified circumstances.

• A man who seduces or corrupts an unmarried woman faces five years in prison.
• Low-riding pants that expose underwear are a Class B offense. But if they expose butt cleavage, they're a Class A offense. (In Flint.)

• It's illegal to teach others what polygamy is.
• Adultery or premarital sex results in a fine of $500 or 6 months in prison.

• Prostitution is a "crime against the family."

• You can't get married if you have gonorrhea

• Sale of sex toys is illegal.

New Hampshire
• Lingerie must not be hung on a clothesline at the airport, unless there's a screen concealing it. (In Kidderville.)

New Jersey
• Flirting is illegal. (In Haddon Township, NJ)

New Mexico
• Nudity is allowed as long as genitals and female nipples are covered.

New York
• Adultery is illegal.

North Carolina
• Adultery is illegal. And so is pretending to be married in order to share a hotel room.

North Dakota
• It was illegal to swim naked in the Red River between 8 AM and 8 PM. (In Fargo.)
• It's against the law to fail to confine a dog or cat in heat. (In Grand Forks.)

• No person shall solicit sex from another of the same gender if it offends the second person.

• It is illegal for the owner of a bar to allow anyone inside to engage in "acts, or simulated acts, of sexual intercourse, masturbation, sodomy, bestiality, oral copulation, flagellation, or any sexual acts which are otherwise prohibited by law." So, no simulated intercourse or animal sex.

• It's illegal to lie down in a public restroom, or for two people to share a stall meant for one.

• Oral and anal sex are illegal. You cannot cohabit with an "ancestor or descendant."

South Carolina
• If a man promises to marry a woman and she sleeps with him, the marriage must take place.

South Dakota
• Public erections are illegal.

• Students may not hold hands in school.

• It's illegal to own more than six dildos.

• It's illegal to marry your first cousin before the age of 65 — or 55 if you can prove both parties are infertile.
• An adult cannot show sex paraphernalia to a minor, unless they're your own child. (In Salt Lake City.)

• Adultery is a misdemeanor.
• Obscenity is a bigger crime if you use a computer.

• If you give a sex worker a ride to work, your car can be confiscated.

West Virginia
• An unmarried couple who lived together and "lewdly associated" could face up to a year in jail. (Recently repealed.)

— Charlie Jane Anders. The Complete List of Weird Sex Laws in the U.S.A. Observation Deck. December 17, 2013. 
(list of verified and bizarre sex laws)

Further reading:

• Charlie Jane Anders. A Map of the Weirdest Sex Laws in the United States. Io9. December 17, 2013. 

Sex Laws. Snopes (forum). 

URL source G+ post: 
A woman from South Australia has been reported after she was photographed flashing a Google Street View car.
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This guy blocked me because I tried to explain some science to him about global warming!  What an insecure bastard...
If you are not a real profile, a/o a blue head, don't be coming around these parts.
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I'm more surprised that the surgeon is known for "developing a minimally-invasive technique for removing tumors deep inside the brain"  Shouldn't the goal of every operation on the brain be that it is minimally invasive??  Split one axon and things are never the same...
This is officially the creepiest thing I have ever heard!!!!!!!
But what the brain surgeon found next surprised even him: the tumor was actually a “teratoma” - [it was Karanam’s] embryonic twin, a rarity in modern medicine, complete with bone, hair and teeth.

“This is my second one, and I’ve probably taken out 7,000 or 8,000 brain tumors,” Shahinian said. Karanam awoke to learn what was causing her all that trouble [back home].

She light-heartedly called the tumor her “evil twin sister who’s been torturing me for the past 26 years.”
During a surgery to remove an apparent brain tumor in a 26-year-old woman, doctors in Los Angeles were shocked to discover an embryonic twin instead.
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As bright as a hundred million Suns: the clusters of monster stars that lit up the early universe.

The first stars in the Universe were born several hundred million years after the Big Bang, ending a period known as the cosmological 'dark ages' -- when atoms of hydrogen and helium had formed, but nothing shone in visible light. Now researchers have calculated what these objects were like: they find that the first stars could have clustered together in phenomenally bright groups, with periods when they were as luminous as 100 million Suns:
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Meteor in the Milky Way
Image Credit & Copyright: Marko Korosec

Earth's April showers include the Lyrid Meteor Shower, observed for more than 2,000 years when the planet makes its annual passage through the dust stream of long-period Comet Thatcher. A grain of that comet's dust, moving 48 kilometers per second at an altitude of 100 kilometers or so, is swept up in this night sky view from the early hours of April 21. Flashing toward the southeastern horizon, the meteor's brilliant streak crosses the central region of the rising Milky Way. Its trail points back toward the shower's radiant in the constellation Lyra, high in the northern springtime sky and off the top of the frame. The yellowish hue of giant star Antares shines to the right of the Milky Way's bulge. Higher still is bright planet Saturn, near the right edge. Seen from Istra, Croatia, the Lyrid meteor's greenish glow reflects in the waters of the Adriatic Sea.
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lol, I can't argue with this...
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Another meme in the series of... What the Party of Stupid can't seem to grasp.
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  • Huntington Ingalls Industries
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  • The University of Southern Mississippi
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    Synthetic Inorganic Chemist; • Utilization of ESI MS; FTIR; NMR; CV; UV-vis; TLC • Utilization of ChemDraw, Origin, EndNotes, Office 2010, SciFinder, ACD Spectrus, Epsilion EC, LXQTune, Omnic, Olis, and IconNMR software.
  • RespirTek
    Research Associate, 2011 - 2012
    • Oversaw projects as GLP study director • Utilization of GC, TOC/TIC, Respirometer
  • CDI Marine
    Computer Programmer, 1999 - 1999
    Access DB programmer
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I had been searching for a heat sink to fit an LGA 775 socket motherboard. This gentleman showed me two options he had available and gave sufficient information about both without me having to ask a bunch of questions. Not only did he know his stuff, but he was not condescending like other tech guys seem to be. I will definitely recommend this place to others.
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