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Curious - what are you guys are using to analyze server logs?

I've tried Splunk (not a fan, seems overly complicated for my purposes) and a couple of other freeware ones that just aren't doing the trick. I keep falling back to Excel, which obviously gets bogged down with large files.

I'm looking for something simple and elegant that allows me to essentially pivot data to help me answer questions like:

- How efficiently are search engines crawling my site?
- What are the top user agents on my site?
- How often are Google, Bing, Baidu, etc hitting my site, and what are they seeing? 
- What sort of status codes are search engine spiders seeing?

Any insight would be appreciated. I'm not opposed to something that costs $$, but hopefully the cost is reasonable.

Thanks in advance!

Lying Server Logs?

Just curious if anyone has any experience with incorrect server logs?

I'm currently doing a crawlability audit for a client that runs Sharepoint 2007 (IIS 8) and I'm analyzing their logs. I'm noticing that the logs are reporting many URLs that 302 as 200 - unsure how to proceed. Has anyone experienced this before?

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Job alert! Get in touch with me if you're interested. 
Since only the SEO community uses Google+, this is obviously the prime channel to announce that we are formally looking for another SEO Specialist to join our fantastic team in Lowertown Saint Paul.

We're looking for smart, passionate, and motivated individuals who want to help us do amazing things for our clients. 

Clients you'd be working on range from a variety of Fortune 100's, all the way down to small-to-medium sized eCommerce websites.

Technical, creative, and leadership chops are a MUST. Evangelism is a HUGE part of what we do, so you need to not only DO your work, you need to help identify and remove roadblocks in order to succeed.

We offer tons of great benefits, such as a continuing education budget per employee to use for attending conferences, a casual work environment, beer on Fridays, and all the PB&J sandwiches you could ever want.

Shoot us your resume, or get in touch with +Scott Dodge for more information.

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Are you leveraging custom events to their max potential?

Explore 10 fresh custom event ideas (complete with the JavaScript you'll need to implement them) in my second contribution to +Search Engine Watch.

Hmm, seems like #mnsearch has a lot more Google+ activity than twitter... Imagine that. 

Wow, here's an area of G+ that I'll actually contribute to! Hey everyone!

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My first (personal) guest post just went live on the +Whitespark blog - check it out!

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Just threw together this BEAST of a post on Local SEO.

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Whether you're an SEO noob or an Internet marketing hot shot, MnSearch's April SEO seminar featuring link building expert Arnie Kuenn will teach you how to get valuable, high-quality links to your website. Not only that, we're hosting the event in our building and there will be food. More info and a link to register is below:
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